Have Fun In Hell

1385 Words

Zachary's sword froze in mid-air, an inch from an enemy's face. The soldier who had been about to have his head cut into two paled like a corpse and staggered back. An unknown fear and pain surrounded his heart. The few of his companions who remained alive and standing followed suit. They all crawled together around the beefy man who now faced Zachary with a superior smirk on their faces. Zachary's eyes narrowed. Never had anyone dared to smirk at him in that manner and lived to see another day. Yet he had to admit with a shudder, that the man had good reason to feel superior. His hand held a knife. And that knife lay at Katerina's throat. Katerina's icy blue eyes were wide and round as coins and stared at Zachary with an unfathomable expression. Fear, sadness, pain or it might have be

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