Near The Lake

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“In the Dark Ages, Magic was a weapon. love was a mystery, adventure was everywhere, and, DRAGONS were real; and until the stars have blinked their last, whenever on this earth he walked. He had aroused, excited, inspired, Her love, her one dark fire.” Adonis found his king Zachary in a quiet corner of the backyard that they built behind their house in the mysterious forest, sitting on a wooden log, his eyebrows furrowed. "There you are!" Exclaimed Adonis, staring at his deep thinking face. "What is the matter with you?" Zachary's grip tightened around his sword. Swift as a panther he jumped to his feet and raised his weapon, prepared to strike down the intruder who dared to enter his land. "Woah! Woah!" Adonis quickly stepped back, blinking at Zachary, obviously not quite understanding what he was doing, standing with a raised weapon in his hand. Relief flooded Zachary's body and he let the sword fall. "You startled me." He huffed. "What's got into you?" Asked Adonis, thinking what made his king startled? "I gave her my sword." "What?!" Adonis sounded disappointed. "To check, if she really is the one we are thinking of." Said Zachary, turning to look at his first in command. "Wait a minute. You're telling me this girl shows up out of nowhere and she's a sorcerer? Did it occur to you that she might be a royal spy working for his beloved father? This might be part of her plan?" "That's enough, Adonis." Ordered Zachary. "Plus, you gave her your sword. The soul-sword. Do you know the meaning of it?" Questioned Adonis, eyeing Zachary. "The soul-sword lit up when she touched it." Zachary informed. "W-What?" Adonis stuttered, continuing, "But, how's that possible?" He swallowed and glanced at his King. "It seems like the prophecies are coming to life, one by one." Desperate for some quiet and fresh air, Zachary left the backyard and made his way out of the mysterious forest, to where he would find peace and serenity. Somewhere it would help him forget about the redhead little girl. He has to find his peace and strength again. For his people. It surely shouldn't be so difficult to forget a girl who apparently was his enemy. Meanwhile, after a long day, an errant thought crossed Katerina's mind as she remembered the distant lake in the midst of the dark forest behind the castle, where she and her best friend Marcus used to visit secretly at night. They never told anyone else about it, keeping it between themselves. It was the most magical lake she had ever seen as it was nestled deep in the dark forest, far off any path. Thinking of the marvelous site inside her mind, Katerina closed her eyes and lifted her left hand. The blue smoke appeared in her hand, swirling her fingers from right to left, saying, "Dona mohi Belle mein, aperire portal." Meant, 'Grant me my wish, open the portal.' Then the sight of the fountain in front of her changed into a portal, when Katerina stepped in it, she got sucked into the portal. Reappearing in the place she wanted to visit. As soon as she opened her icy blue eyes, Katerina's eyes met an exquisite site, the lake meeting the sun with such grace that day, as if the two of them were so enchanted by this eternal dance that they barely noticed the surroundings. When Katerina looked at this place, all of the memories that accompanied it popped into her head. The sadness surrounded her as she was missing her only true friend, Marcus. Well are you just going to stand here and stare at it? A small voice in her mind said, teasing. Seizing every negative thought, Katerina stripped down, setting her clothes on one of the gigantic stones, lying beside the tree. Walking towards the edge of the lake, Katerina jumped in with an excited squeal. The cool water felt amazing on her heated skin. This was definitely the best way to cool off after the torturous training. She thought. Taking a deep breath of the humid air around her, the smell was one of the favourite things that Katerina always loved about the lake. It smelled like clean water and damp earth. Swimming over to one of the large rocks protruding from the water as she pulled herself up onto it. The rock was of the perfect shape and size, offering the chance to lay on it, comfortably. The water lapped at her knees, submerging her feet in their cool depths. Being the waterbender, always had a calming effect on her nerves when Katerina stayed closer to water. Sliding again into the lake, she let her mind wander around, and was surprised when Zachary made his way into her thoughts. The soldier irritated her to no end, she thought of the way he looked this morning. There was something about him, I couldn't point my finger at. Thought Katerina. Snapping out of her thoughts, taking a long breath, Katerina submerged completely into the lake. While, Katerina was enjoying her time. Zachary, mindlessly wandering around the forest made his way towards the excited squeal he heard minutes ago. It was five minutes walking deep into the dark forest as he felt trees enclosing him like old friends in their arms, his breathing steadied and his mind relaxed, instantly. Zachary's eyes twinkled at an amazing, magical site of the lake in front of him. The water was crystal clear, it was like the reflective blues and greens, the willing canvas of trees and sky. The spell was broken, when a head made its way out of the liquid's surface. Her porcelain skin shined under the evening sun, making her even more beautiful. Opening her eyes, Katerina's breath caught in her throat as she couldn't believe what she was seeing. How in the name of the moon goddess did he find me here? Thought Katerina. The cool water turned hot for the Petrova princess as Zachary walked towards the edge of the lake, his blue-green-gray eyes had red specks for an instant. Katerina's heart was pounding in her chest at the thought of him seeing her naked, but she couldn't place whether it was embarrassment or excitement. She submerged herself in the water up to her collar bones, keeping her eyes locked on his face. "Get out of the water, little princess." Zachary's rough voice commanded her, and for the first time in her life she felt her core clench. What the hell is happening to me? Thought Katerina, finding it very hard to keep her body in her command. Looking at him stubbornly, Katerina wondered what he was doing? She was simply minding her business, which he interrupted and disrupted her peace. "Who are you ordering the princess of the Petrova Empire?" Asked Katerina. Listening to the name attached to her made him furious. "Katerina." His was came out as a warning as Katerina was testing his patience, not that he had much to spare. "Get out of the water." Zachary snapped, his muscular body was tense as his inner dragon was seconds away to make his presence. Glaring at Zachary's chiselled, hard face, Katerina said, "No." "No?" His eyebrows raised as his eyes seared her skin. It Sounded like he had never heard that word before. "Did I stutter?" Katerina glared at him as she felt the anger that radiated from him. The temperature of the lake was increasing with each and every second that passed. It was getting tough for Katerina to stay longer in it. Taking a deep breath to calm him down, Zachary's voice took on that calm tone, the one that sent shivers down her spine. "You don't actually get it right? The rising of the blood-moon is near and hundreds of werewolves will wander the forest and you wouldn't even get the chance to defend yourself." Blood-moon is today. Darn it! "So, get out of the water, Katerina." His eyes were much darker now. "This is the last time I will repeat myself." Katerina let herself in getting a good look at him at that moment. His dark blue shirt clung to every dip of his muscles, while his biceps struggled to break free of the material. Zachary cleared his throat to get her attention as Katerina's cheeks turned into crimson red. Setting up the mind straight, she said in her authoritative voice, "I can very well take care of myself, Zachary. You may leave now." Which elevated Zachary's anger to the next level where he was actually shutting off his inner creature, so that his identity remained hidden. Katerina, nearly choked on the air in her lungs when Zachary sauntered forward, stepping into the lake. She was thankful her naked body was submerged, the only thing visible was her neck and face. "Don't you dare."
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