Chapter 34: My Diary

2170 Words

Chapter thirty-four: My Diary


I ran with every fiber of energy I had. This was going to get me into trouble, should I blame Princess Ama or myself for my carelessness? I was just praying and hoping with all my heart that Alpha Axel hadn't opened my diary. How could I have been so careless not to take it with me when coming out from there.

I stopped at the front of his study room as I tried to catch my breath then I remembered something else. I didn't have any means of telling Edward that I wanted to see him. Oh my goodness! Why didn't I think about this earlier.

I would have dragged Ama along with me as I ran and now I was stuck. I wasn't carrying his meal or anything so what could I possibly think of doing now. Edward said nothing as he just watched me as I nervously stood there saying

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