Chapter 42: Close To Him

2198 Words

Chapter forty-two: Close To Him Sophia His lips are so perfect and it looked so soft, the perfectly pointed nose gave him a more handsome look. I wiggled my hand from his grip and touched the tip of his pointed nose, I stiffened when he stirred beside me and slowly his eyes fluttered open revealing those beautiful blue eyes of his. I forget that my hand was still at the tip of his nose. It took me a while to realize that he was awake. "Do you like my nose that much? He asked and I snapped out of my thoughts and removed my hand from his nose. Why in goodness name did I do that? This was so embarrassing, what would he think of me now? A nose-loving girl that touches people's noses in their sleep. I would seem like a creepy person to him. But it wasn't my fault to be fair, he was the one

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