The First Day

1071 Words
AFTER 5 HOURS... “Phew, it took me longer than expected but looks like I have finally completed everything.” Not only did she finish memorising everything, she also finished her homework and had studied the topic of the upcoming week because the topic she was reading was making her excited. “Done, I think I’m prepared for tomorrow!” It was too late at night now since it took a lot of time in order to rearrange many things and learn everything from the basics. “I don’t know why but I am too sleepy right now...”, she immeditely fell asleep as she moved herself to the bed. The bed was indeed different since it was too soft so maybe that was the reason for her immediately sleep. The time passed soon and it was morning already. The maids came and woke her up and then she walked downstairs after taking a bath and preparing herself. She wore nice good looking dress which were quite modest. She had her breakfast which was cooked by the same chef. The moment she stepped out of the house, she found many black cars ready to escort her to university. “Uhhh... only 1 car is fine! No need so many...” They tried to convince her but all their efforts were for naught. She immeditely sat in one of the black car in which one for the strongest bodyguard seated himself in the front seat along with the driver. The car was started and she left the estate within a few minutes and waited till she arrived at the university. It took no more than 30 minutes to arrive at the university gate. She actually came early today since she didn’t want anyone to see her or question her since she wasn’t familiar with the place. “Okay, I’ll go then. Bye”, she waved her hand and asked them to depart which they obeyed. They left immeditely and she too almost instantly moved inside the university premises. “Wow, so this is how the modern schools looks like...” From where she had come, that is in her past life, there were hardly any schools and if they were, it wouldn’t be so extravagant. Everyone was rich enough to have a private tutor to be taught and it was usually only nobles or royals who could get education. After thinking for a time she started to walk towards the university building. She entered the building and went straight towards the classroom as per her memory and seated herself in a corner. ”Waaa... I am still sleepy.”, she yawned and then laid her head on the desk so that she could grab a small nap when suddenly she heard the door open and someone enter. She immeditely sat upright the moment she heard the noise. Some of the girls were chatting and walking inside the class room. Suddenly they looked towards the last desk to find Emily waving her hand towards them. “Eh? What is she doing here?”, they whispered among themselves the moment they saw her waving her hand towards them. “I have no idea! Didn’t she decide to not show up at university anymore? Why did she suddenly come?” They didn’t even greet her nor did they even speak. They just sat near the front rows immediately after they arrived after ignoring her and chatted about her among themselves continuously. She wasn’t able to understand this behaviour so all she did was keep quiet about it. Soon one by one the students started entering the class and the room was being filled with them. All of them were different but for some reason their reaction was same the moment they saw Emily in the class room. Some even punched themselves or pinched their cheeks to find out if this was some dream but unfortunately it was reality. They kept staring at her and when she immeditely turned her gazes towards them, they would act as if they were ignoring her. “Tsk, leave it. If they don’t want to be my friends then it’s better if I stay put in my own limits” is what she mumbled to herself when suddenly a girl who had put on heavy make up walked towards her. “Hey b***h! Get up, that’s my seat!” Emily ignored her since she thought that she was speaking to someone else but when she referred her name she understood that it was she herself who was being referred to. “Excuse me but I ain’t a b***h! And please speak properly...” She immeditely slapped her face. ‘SLAP’ “You are just a lowly bicth, so just shut the f**k up and get out.” Emily immediately understood that no one knew about her being rich. In fact all they knew was that she was pretending to be rich by working part times. They had seen her ones or twice in some shops so basing on that they spread the rumours. “Okay...” She didn’t argue and immeditely got up from the seat and walked towards the empty seat that was ahead when suddenly the same girl walked that way and slapped her again. “You f*****g butch, that’s my seat too! So go and sit inside the dustbin if you want!” “...” Emily didn’t back answer here either. She understood the girl’s motive. All she wanted was to make Emily feel shame and laugh on her and that was the sole reason why she was hitting her in order to show her dominance in the class. Emily quietly walked towards the dustbin when suddenly girl spoke something which she shouldn’t have. “Haha, looks like the rumours were true! Your father was a lowly man born from slums and so are you! You will always remain a b***h like your mother and fathe—“ Emily couldn’t hear anymore of this and immeditely picked up the dustbin and threw at the girl. ‘BAM’ The dustbin his her and everything that was inside that spill on her whole body. Everyone suddenly said, “Iris... Ewwwww... go wash yourself! That’s gross!” She was completely baffled and confused as she wasn’t able to understand what had happened right now. She grit her teeth and immeditely said, “You w***e!!! How dare you!” After saying this she dashed towards Emily when suddenly the teacher entered. She heard about the dispute and looked at Emily and Iris at the same time. “Ewww... Iris, go to washroom and clean yourself! We will discuss what happened later!” Iris immediately rushed out of the door and walked towards the washroom as quickly as possible. Emily simply went and sat down at the bench in which she was sitting earlier and opened her books in order to listen to the class. TO BE CONTINUED...

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