Chapter 4: Biro Boy!

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"It’s him! " Grace said as she saw Kurt. "Who?" Anne asked, confused. "Give me a minute Anne!" Grace said as she got up and walked over to the bar. "Yes, it's definitely him. A little older perhaps, but it is Kurt!" Grace thought. "Kurt? How nice it is to see you! " Grace said, with a smile, not sure how to greet him. Kurt did not know what to say, he completely froze up. "Goddamit, say something!" Kurt thought, as there was an awkward silence. "Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the champagne. You did not have to, but it has made my best friend's birthday extra special, so thanks! " Grace said calmly. Kurt coughed and managed to speak. "You are most welcome, Grace!" Kurt said. "Would you like to come and share it with us? Maybe catch up on the last 7 years?" Grace said, trying to sound as casual as possible even though her stomach was doing somersaults. Again, awkward silence, and it made Grace lose her nerve. "Don’t worry, you must have lots of other things to do. It was nice to see you looking so well!" Grace said before turning away to walk back to her table. She suddenly felt a hand on her wrist and she turned her head and found herself peering into Kurt’s eyes. She wondered if he too felt the sparks that were going through her body. "Please wait, I would love to spend the evening with you!" Kurt said in a husky voice. "And your friend, who is rapidly approaching!" said James. "Take your hand of my friend right this instant! Just because you brought some champagne for us, does not give you the right to touch us!" Anne snapped. Kurt quickly let go of Grace’s wrist and looked embarrassed. "Oh, I like this one. She has spirit! " James said. "Spirit? I show you spirit when I shove that champagne bottle up your arse!" Anne said snapped. "Who am I to say you shouldn't enjoy Anal play?" James said with a smile. Anne was about to reply, but Grace jumped in and said, "It is OK Annie, this is Kurt. Remember, the one that had an accident when we were at first-year university?" "You mean this is Biro Boy? The boy who you paid the debt for and you had to eat cuppa soups for two weeks? " Anne said, shocked. That was the final straw, James roared with laughter, whilst Grace blushed. "Biro Boy! Oh my God! Wait till I tell the guys! " James said, howling. Kurt gave him an "I am about to murder you and dump your body in the North Sea!" look, and James quickly stopped. "Why don’t we go to the VIP area and catch up?" James said smoothly. Anne looked suspiciously at the two guys. "Catch up, hey? "You have our word that no harm will come to you tonight!" Kurt said sharply. He did not like what Anne was implying. He would never hurt his angel. "She meant no offence; she is just protective of me. We would love to, wouldn’t we? " Grace said. "Fine, but don’t blame me if we end up in a ditch somewhere!" Anne said dramatically. James leads them all to a black door with a keypad. He typed in a code and the door opened with a click. They all walked up some stairs and opened another door. " Here you go ladies, welcome to the VIP area," James said. Grace and Anne gasped as they walked onto a flat roof area that had been converted into an entertainment area. The floor was wooden decking, with outside sofas, tables and outdoor heaters. There was a private bar that was currently manned by a barman and even a hot tube. What was impressive was that the whole area was landscaped with lush green plants that were strategically lit. It felt like they were walking into a tropical paradise. "This is amazing!" Grace said, "The view is not half bad either!" Anne said begrudgingly. It was true, you could see all over the city. "I am glad that you both like it. Even though it is a VIP area, I do like to come here to relax, " James admitted. "I can see why!" Grace said. "Shall we sit and have a drink?" Kurt asked. They walked over to the sofas and Kurt tried to sit next to Grace, but Anne got in the way, whilst muttering something about "a Biro Boy!" Grace rolled her eyes, which made Kurt smirk. "So what will you ladies have to drink?" James asked. "I'd love a screwdriver please, " Anne said with a smile. "Fine and you Grace?" James said. "You know, I have been dying for a Manhattan since I got back!" Grace said, reaching for her purse. The cocktail was made with whiskey, bitters, and sweet vermouth. It was not a cheap drink. "There is no way you are paying!" Kurt said with a tone that made Grace flinch. "Absolutely not! We own the club, so please let the night be on us! " James said, trying to calm the ladies. "Wait, you own Nightshade?" Anne said, shocked. "Yes, it is a new venture for us both!" James said with a smile. "But that means your Kurt Blackwood and James White!" Anne whispered. "You know them?" Grace said, surprised. "Where have you been?"Annie said, exasperated. "I have been in Senegal for the last 3 years, I could hardly get a phone signal, never mind anything else!" Grace snapped. "Kurt Blackwood is the CEO of Blackwood Industries, the largest tech firm in the world. James White is head of Sweetest Thing, a catering and baking line," Anne explained. "I know Sweetest Thing. They make an amazing velvet cupcake!" Grace said happily. James laughed and said, "It is our bestseller, but enough about us. What about you two? "The barman brought them all their drinks, cocktails for the ladies and pints of beer for the men. "Well, I graduated in psychology and now work as a prison psychologist," Anne said. "You work with criminals?" James said, shocked. "We prefer the term offenders, but yes, I work with prisoners," Anne said. "Wow, that must be interesting!" James said. "It has its ups and downs," Anne said with a shrug. "What about you? Do I call you Miss or Mrs?" James said, and Kurt gave him a cold stare. "Smooth, real smooth!" Anne mocked as she rolled her eyes. "It is Doctor, and no, I am not married. Since graduation, I have worked for the World Health Organization on their polio vaccination and education program. I am currently based in Senegal and will be returning there soon. " Grace said as she sipped her drink. "She forgets the part where she graduated from the top of her class and was headhunted by WHO!" Anne mentioned proudly. "Your parents must be so proud!" James said with a smile. There was a silence, and Grace's eyes fell to the ground. Anne put a comforting hand on her arm. "I am sorry. Did I say something wrong?" James said in a worried tone. "It is OK, my parents died when I was four. I was put into the care system until I was 18. I could only go to University because I won a medical scholarship!" Grace said softly. "So, Anne has not been joking about eating cuppa soups for two weeks then!" Kurt thought. " I am sorry to hear this. I understand. My Mum died when I was 8, " Kurt said. "I am sorry to Kurt, I know how horrible it is. No child should have to suffer that sort of loss!" Grace said. " If I had known, I would never have mentioned it!" James said apologetically. " To be fair, you probably would still have stuck your size 10 feet in it!" Anne said. "It's size 12 actually, Darling!" retorted James, and they started to fight again. By the end of the night, Kurt had managed to sit next to Grace. She had shivered at one point in the night, and Kurt had insisted on wrapping his jacket around her. "Sadly, I think it is time we went!" Grace said with a yawn. Anne nodded in agreement, knowing that Grace was still suffering from jet lag. "Let us call you a cab home," Kurt said. "You can for Anne, but I am just over the bridge at a hotel called The Forge. Do you know it? " Grace asked. Kurt smiled; it was one of the first businesses he had started from scratch. "I do. Please let me walk you home. " Kurt insisted. He did not like the thought of Grace walking home alone in the dark. Anne was about to say something, but Grace said, " That would be great, but be warned, I still have my trusty green penknife if you try anything!" "You still have that?" Kurt was amazed. "You better believe it!" Grace chuckled. After they put Anne in a taxi, Kurt and Grace walked hand in hand to the hotel. They were laughing and joking all the way. As they walked into the lobby, Kurt stopped and turned to Grace."Grace, are you free tomorrow? I would love to spend the day with you. " Kurt said nervously, "I would too, but..." Grace said. "But what? Is there someone else?" Kurt said, his eyes narrowing. If there was, he would fight for Grace and he would win. "No! It is just that I am leaving for Senegal at the end of the week. I don’t want to hurt you or lead you on." Grace said, honestly. Kurt let out the breath he did not realise he had been holding. "That is four days away and I thank you for being honest. But, I still want to spend time with you. How about I pick you up at 10.00? " "Ok. On one condition!" Grace said firmly. Again Kurt was nervous. Did she want money like all the other women he had been out with? Or a favour? "Name it!" Kurt said, trying to sound confident. "The condition is I buy you a fish and chip supper in the evening from my favourite fish and chip shop!" Grace said. God, how she had missed fish and chips! Kurt burst out laughing. How could he have possibly thought those things about her? "It is a deal, my Angel, now go," he said. " OK, I will see you in a few hours Kurt!" Grace said with a smile as she walked into a waiting elevator. She turned and waved whilst shouting "Bye Biro Boy!". The doors closed and she was gone. Kurt walked over to the reception desk to the receptionist. "Can you call Sebastian the Night Manager?" Kurt asked. "Who shall I say is calling Sir?" The Receptionists asked. "Kurt Blackwood," Kurt said. "Straight away, Sir!" The receptionist said respectfully, realising it was the owner. A few minutes later, a man with a bald head and a white beard came out. "Welcome, Mr Blackwood. What a surprise! How can I help? " Sebastian said. "I want you to upgrade a guest to the penthouse suite in the morning and take special care of her. She is to have the absolute best of everything, no expense spared. Do you understand me? " Kurt said. "Most certainly Mr Blackwood, what is the guest’s name?" Sebastian said. He respected Kurt greatly and his boss had never asked for anything of this nature before. "Dr Grace Evans," Kurt said with a smile. There was one thing he was certain of: Grace was not going back to Senegal. He was not losing her again. ****
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