Chapter 2: Thank You

1069 Words
Kurt woke up to the sound of the gentle beeping of a heart machine. It took him a few moments to realise that he was actually in a hospital room. His head was banging and his body was aching all over. One of the last things he remembered was those dickheads threatening to cut off his ear over a £50 debt. He then remembered A young woman stabbed him, and then he was able to breathe better. Kurt heard a voice that sounded as sweet as an angel's, "Are you alright?" Kurt moved his head slightly and saw a woman with mousey brown hair and the most extraordinary eyes looking at him with concern. "Are you alright? I will get the doctor to come in and check you over. " The woman stood up, and Kurt felt the odd sensation that he did not want her to leave. She left the room and then came back with a male doctor. "Ahh Mr Blackwood, it is great to see you that you are awake. You have suffered from a collapsed lung, which would’ve been fatal if it was not for Grace here! You are lucky to be alive, but I’m guessing your body is telling you otherwise at this point! " The male doctor said. Kurt nodded, causing the doctor to chuckle. "Grace, the woman’s name was Grace!" Kurt thought. "I would like to keep you in overnight for observation, I will also get the nurse to get you some pain relief to make you more comfortable. Apart from that, it will just take a bit of time for you to heal. You are one lucky man. " The doctor said as he filled out the notes and walked out of the room. Grace said, "Here, have some water to drink, your throat will be dry." She gently held a plastic cup with a straw in front of Kurt. It was then that she noticed his dark blue eyes. Kurt took a few sips. "Thank you!" Kurt said, in a rough voice. "Don’t worry about it!" Grace said with a small smile. "Dam, even as ill as I am, that smile makes me feel butterflies in my stomach!" Kurt thought. "I mean, thank you for saving my life, even if it hurt like Hell!" moaned Kurt. Grace laughed and said, "Well, I am sorry about that, but I had no choice!" "Those are some serious skills. Where did you learn them? " Kurt asked. "I am training to be a doctor at the local university," Grace said proudly. "Dam! She is probably from a rich family and way out of my league! " Kurt thought bitterly. But, as he looked at her, she did not look rich. She wore a pastel pink jumper that had been repaired; her shoes and bags had seen much better days. Plus, what was she doing in his neck of the woods? Just then, the nurse came to administer the pain relief that was prescribed. The nurse explained kindly, "I am going to put an IV line into you with some fluids and pain meds." "I hate needles!" Kurt moaned. Grace instinctively took his hand in hers. She gently said, "Look at me and I promise you won’t feel a thing." Kirk did his best not to moan in pleasure at the touch. "What the hell is wrong with me ?" he thought. He has been with plenty of women before and never felt the sparks that he had just now. "All done!" the nurse said happily. "What?" Kurt said, surprised. He had been so lost in his thoughts that he had not felt the needle going in. Grace smiled and let go of his hand. ."See, what did I tell you?! Not as bad as you thought! " Grace said with a chuckle. "No, it wasn’t. You have not told me your name or why you saved me! " said Kurt, starting to feel woozy and warm from the pain medication. "Well, my name is Grace Evans. I saved you because you are worth saving! " Grace said simply. "Worth saving, hey? I'm not sure everybody would agree with that! " Kurt said sleepily. Grace was about to reply that he was worth saving, but she could see that he had fallen into a deep sleep. Grace smiled and was suddenly aware that she needed the loo. She grabbed her bag and headed off to the ladies. When she was walking back to the room, she saw a group of 3 people enter Kurt’s room. A skinny, pretty, blond-eyed woman in her early twenties, dressed in a black leather miniskirt, plunge neck top, and high-heeled boots. The other two men were casually dressed, as they had on jeans and hoodies. Grace walked quickly down and entered Kurt’s room. She was worried that they would hurt him. When she entered the room, Grace saw the woman sitting down in a chair, holding Kurt’s hand. The two men were standing on either side of his bed. "Man, he looks pretty banged up!" One man with dark brown curly hair said. "He had a punctured lung, but he is OK!" Grace said. All three of them turned their heads to stare at her, the blond woman looking up and down. "Who are you?" the blonde-haired woman said in a suspicious tone. "Play nice, Nancy!" The blonde-haired man said. "I am Grace, I am the one that found him and brought him here," Grace said. She thought it best not to tell them about how she had stabbed him in the chest with a pocket knife. "Thank you very much! My name is James, and that brown mop-headed one is Dave. As for Nancy, you already know her! " James said with a smile. "It is no problem at all; anyone would have done the same!" Grace said. Nancy rolled her eyes. "Well, he is fine now, so you can go!" she said sharply. The two men looked at Nancy with a reproachful look. "What? She said so herself, that he will be fine! " Nancy argued. "You are right, he won’t wake up alone now. I am going now. Tell him I said bye! " Grace said with a wave. She walked out of the room, certain that this would be the last time she would see Kurt. For some reason, that thought made her heart hurt.
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