The Auction

615 Words
Roze didn't know what day it was.  Just that she was hungry, tired, and ready to die.  She was in a cage in the back of a dimly lit room, her eyes closed to block out the screams and cries of other girls in cages.  Some new.  Some old.  But all of them had the same M.O like her.  Their parents didn't want them. No one did. They were all rejects or foster care trash who wouldn't be missed.  Roze knew she wouldn't be. Her mother had died bringing her into the world. Her father giving her up, not wanting to deal with the reminder of his lost wife.  Now at eighteen, Roze had been in ten foster homes, three group homes, and a couple stints in juvie before she was brought here.  This godforsaken hole in the earth where she was doomed to die.  She had begged God to save her. To not let the big men with their large, rough hands hurt her like they did the others.  Luckily for Roze, she had lucked out in that department.  She couldn't be passed around like the others due to the large red v on her cage.  They said it stood for virgin and would keep her safe.  That no one would touch her and face the wrath of the boss.  Roze had been happy to hear it, but that didn't stop them from looking the naked girl over in lust. Wanting to risk the cuss out or possible bullet to the brain for f*****g the pretty blonde girl until she bled.  One afternoon, after the cruel men had made their usual rounds, some more men came in jeering. They grabbed a couple of girls who had B's on their charts meaning they'd been broke in and took them out of their cages roughly.  One man came to her cage and looked at her with his big dirty face turned up in a gleeful smile. "I want this one!" He hollered trying to get her cage open. A couple of men came to join him looking her over, making crude remarks about her body and taking turns.  Roze didn't look at any of them until she heard, "Leave her." Smelling the familiar cologne, Roze knew it was the boss.  "Oh come on sir I thought I could have-." The boss cut across the man's whining by putting his gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Roze felt the blood splatter on her and gagged but didn't say a word or move.  Shaking, she listened to cigar heavy voice rasp, "My virgins are being sold tomorrow. You touch them, you break them in, they go down in price. You f**k with my money, I kill all of you. Painfully." The men all seemed to realize they had gotten on the bad side of their boss and quickly shuffled out taking the dead body with them.  The boss walked to Roze's cage and knocked his cane against it making her jump. But yet and still she refused to look at him.  "You're being sold tomorrow girlie. If you're lucky your buyer will get you cleaned up and treat you decent. Pretty girl like you will make a bastard's heart burst before he starts."  The dirty man looked her over, "Hell who knows, if someone doesn't want you tomorrow, I might keep you for myself. You seem like a cute little thing to keep me company."  Roze didn't speak but felt the man watching her until he turned and began walking out hitting the cages making girls jump as he went.  As he left out Roze could hear the screams of the other girls down the hall. 
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