Story 1: Tessa’s Hunger-3

1941 Words

By now, she had send a stiff finger deep into her p***y, while rubbing her throbbing clit in spirited circles. With her other hand, she took turns clutching her boobs, occasionally glancing down to watch her reddened n*****s grow harder and harder. But soon that wasn’t enough. She wanted both n*****s stimulated. So she flipped over, grinding her steaming p***y against the mattress and feeling the cool of the bed sheet on both boobs. She sent breathy grunts into the pillow as a slow buckle found its way through her legs, her spine, her arms, her torso and her shoulders. The images in her head resembled her recurring dream – the one featuring those soft female hands dragging her away from Anton. But this time, she dared. This time she turned and surrendered to the woman as her male lover f

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