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Alpha Thane's POV. She pulled me fervently against her warm body. “F*ck me harder damn it, Thane!” Adria moaned. I rammed into her wet core even harder, staring into the eyes of the woman under me. Her eyes were filled with need, her n*pples bouncing as my hips whacked against hers. A raspy groan escaped my lips. My gaze moving lower to her jutting n*pples, I moved and took one into my mouth and sucked. Adria's moan increased, she thrusts forward to me and raked my hair with her fingers. And then she fell back into the bed and grabbed the sheets, closing her eyes. I sensed she was close to her climax. I continued to explore in and out of her, moving my mouth to the other n****e. As expected, her third orga*m rocked and she went screaming my name. “Omg, Thane!!” Her orga*m caused the walls of her flesh to grip my erection and I liked it. Shifting my weight to my other hand, I continued to ram into her core, grabbing her butt with my free hand. It felt good especially as I felt my climax approach. “You're so sweet, my love. Mark me now and make me yours forever.” Adria begged, grabbing my butt*cks and squeezing them. She nibbled on my sweaty shoulder too. While thrusting in and out of her core, I leaned forward ready to mark her, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My org*sm arrived and I pulled out of her, spilling my seed on the sheets below her parted legs. Adria shot up to her elbows sulking under a breath. “Get off me!” she yelled and jerked out of bed with the sheets. Adria darted for her clothes on the floor. “I'm sorry,” I muttered and fell into the bed, perspiration trickling all over my body. I watched Adria as she scrambled back into her clothes. Done, she tossed the sheets back at me in the bed. “I am sick and tired of begging you to mark me!” she gnashed. “Give me time, Adria. I can't just mark you when there's no mating bond between us.” “Mate bond?” She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Who said we must have a mate bond before you mark me, huh? We have known each other for years now and here you are lecturing me about some stupid mate bond!” Adria was not having it. Jerking from the bed, I grabbed my pants and shirt from where I left them on the floor...I wore them. “As an Alpha of the Dark Moon pack, I cannot just mark anyone, even your mother knows that.” “My mother? Now you want to bring my mother into this nonsense?” Adria shook her head and took her shoes with her to a couch. In this brief moment, I let my gaze comb my tastefully furnished chamber before bringing it back to my girlfriend. “Adria...” I walked across the room to meet her. I attempted to hold her. “Don't touch me!” she snapped. I froze. One thing I am good at is respecting people's wishes, especially that of the women in my life. “Give me time, Adria, the mate bond will surely come and I won't hesitate to mark you and make you my Luna.” Done with her shoes, Adria straightened. “Yes, Thane. You know what, you're very right! I will continue to deceive myself for another months or years hoping that you'll mark me soon while you continue to wait for the stupid mate bond.” She clapped back at me disrespectfully. “Way to go, Alpha Thane. You're so smart!” “Adria!” I growled and grabbed her arm. “I will not let you disrespect me this way!” She laughed. “You know what? I'm done!” Adria yanked her hand free from my grasp and bolted away from the couch. “You what?” “I said I am done, I am breaking up with you now- right now!” she declared. Her words sliced right through my chest but I maintained. ”You're breaking up with me?” “Yes, I am,” she snapped. “But what is my offense? I take care of you, I don't cheat on you.” “Don't act like you don't know, Thane. You don't find me fit to be your Luna, that's why!” Adria headed for the door and I followed her. “You know I love you, Adria.” “Well, f*ck your love, I don't need it!” she retorted. “Go ahead and give it to someone else, I won't give a damn,” Adria stated while making her way out of the packhouse. I couldn't believe I followed her until outside the packhouse, begging her to change her mind and renounce the breakup. “Don't do this, Adria,” I begged her. I wasn't ashamed to beg her in the presence of my pack members. The men and women including the children stopped what they were doing and watched us. Ignoring me, Adria walked straight to her horse and mounted it. “Goodbye, Alpha Thane. Have a nice life!” She reversed her horse. “Fine, Adria, fine!!” I snapped, raising my hands in surrender. “I will mark you, come down from your horse,” I said. Adria stopped for a moment and studied my face. Sighing, she alighted from her horse and walked back to me. “Do it now, for everyone to see,” she said. The pack members stared at us. I brought back my gaze to Adria and caressed her neck, ready to grant her request. I stopped. “I can't do this.” Gasps filled the air. Adria flushed. “Damn you!” She pushed me away. “I don't ever want to set my eyes on you again!” Another gasp filled the air after Adria's declaration. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Jake glaring at me, I tore my gaze away from him. “Please, don't do this, Adria. I love you so much, just give me more time.” Adria was already on her horse. “Goodbye, Alpha Thane,” she said dryly, and with one last glance at me, she rode her horse out of my sight. I turned and headed back into the packhouse. Entering the packhouse, I was about to head for the stairs when a familiar voice came talking to me in the hallway. “You let her disrespect you like that, brother?” Halting in my tracks, I turned around and let my gaze fall on this person; he was lurking at the entrance to the hallway. “Jake, I see you're back,” I mumbled. “Adria is making you forget that we have a mission, an important one for that matter.” “Jake, where have you been the past two days?” I asked, folding my arms. He joined me at the foot of the stairs. “I went to spy on the Delans in their kingdom,” he said. “Without my permission?” I tried not to sound pissed but clearly, I was. “What if something had happened to you, do you think I'll be able to bear another loss?” I growled, snatching one of his arms. “I'm, I'm sorry,” he stammered. I was still gripping his hand. “You're hurting me, Thane.” “That would be the last time you leave the settlement without my consent!” I barked and let go of his hand. “And keep your nose off my relationship with Adria,” I added and proceeded again up the stairs. Halfway through the stairs and he comes talking again. “Her birthday ball is tomorrow night,” he said. I stopped. “Whose birthday ball?” “Their Princess. I heard her father is planning to make this a special one since it will be her last as a spinster, by this time next year she would be married off to one prince like that. What's that his name again? Yes, Prince Lucas.” Madness was how I got jealous from hearing that a princess I have never met before was getting married to a prince I also don't know. “Why are you telling me this, Jake?” He climbed the stairs. “Because this will be our best moment to spy on the city, brother.” “Don't be silly, Jake, the fact that they're having a ball tomorrow night doesn't mean they'd let their guards down. Security will be tripled tomorrow night, and let's not even talk about the weredust.” Jake smiled, more like a mischievous smile. “Didn't Tetina announce the other day she was making a spell to counter the effects of the weredust?” he asked. “Yes, she did.” “I think you should go to her this evening and find out if the spell is ready,” Jake said. I couldn't believe my ears. “What, seriously Jake? I mean I just broke up with Adria. Do you think it's okay if I show up at their house on the same day of our breakup?” Jake shook his head. “No, Thane. You are going over there not to see Adria but her mother. We just need to know if the spell was ready.” “Send somebody else,” I instructed. Sighing, I resumed up the stairs and Jake followed. We entered my tastefully furnished bedroom and I was grateful the servants have now changed the sheets and replaced them with neat ones. “We can't send anyone else, you know how the witch hates that, how repeatedly she sends away people other than you,” he stated. Pausing for a moment, I stared at him. “Fine! I will do it, but first I need a bath,” I said. “I'll be waiting for you in the living room.” With that, Jake strode out of the room and I was left alone.
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