Chapter 1

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(Adelaide's POV) "I, Ivan Mounte, Alpha of the Druid pack, hereby reject you, Adelaide Jackson, human slave as my mate.." You must be wondering, how the hell did this happen? Well, let's go back to one week ago. ... ... ... "Get out of here you filthy b***h!"  Emerald screeched at my face and I had to move out immediately, Emerald was the first daughter of the pack master of the Ranege pack and since I was working directly under that family, I didn't have a choice but to endure all these. I left the kitchen where I had been serving food for the pack members who were gathered together in one room already, waiting for their slave to serve them. The lazy fools. I could not get angry at her screeches, I was powerless, was I supposed to raise my hand against a wolf when I'm merely a human slave? I don't think so either. My name is Adelaide Jackson and when I was young, I made the mistake of wandering into the woods by myself, I had no idea that there was war going on at that time between two packs of wolves and after the Ranege pack had been vanquished, they had found me wandering around, being bitter at their loss, they were glad to take me to their pack, where I have been a slave for years now..  On my way to the laundry room where I knew dirty things would definitely be waiting for me, I crossed paths with Deli, the Luna of the Ranege pack and mother to Emerald, 'so unfortunate', I thought to myself even before a word came out of her mouth, cause there was no way in hell that I would walk past her and she would have nothing to say. "You! Yes you! What are you doing walking leisurely around like you have nothing you care about? Aren't you supposed to be serving the pack right now? What are you doing here?" Are you kidding me? I thought to myself, this is one of the moments when I get pissed and let it out. "Oh yeah? How about you ask Emerald, your daughter?" I asked her in return, so sarcastically. In a moment, my head was reeling and I was about to hit the ground, Deli had slapped me. "How dare you speak to me in such a manner?" She screeched just like her daughter and my ears were threatening to be pierced by the wicked sound.  I could not answer her, my eyes were red and I was still trying to get a hold of myself, it seemed like the world was spinning. Imagine the Luna of a pack hitting you on your face with all her strength.. yeah, that bad. It was a miracle that I still had flesh on my face since all these years of getting slapped and beaten and being maltreated. "You b***h! I'm speaking to you!" "Emerald asked me to leave the kitchen, so she'd serve the wolves herself.." I muttered, fearing that she would not stop assaulting me till I answered her properly. I hated this place, I really really did.  "Let me find that you scrambled away from the kitchen for absolutely no reason at all..follow me!" Deli said and I towed right behind her, still dazed and pained. "Emerald?" Deli looked into the kitchen as we got here and we both sighted her at the dining room instead, where she was serving the wolves and smiling a large ugly smile as she made small talks with them. That elaborate dinner, I remembered that I had spent about two to three hours making it and here she was making it seem like she had made the food and smiling and..fuck! I just couldn't continue that line of thought, I was so pained, sofucking pained. This! This wasn't the first time that Emerald would be doing this kind of thing and her mother knew it, her mother f*****g knew it. Deli spent the next few minutes watching her daughter as she smiled and I wanted to puke all over her cause whatthe hell?? "You can leave. Go to the laundry room and take care of all the things there."  Deli ordered and glad as I was to get out of her sight, I was also pissed but I didn't say anything cause what was I to say anyway? I wasn't a sadist that loved getting beaten, I was human and I had f*****g feelings. I walked away again, this time, my head hung low, my face still redand still angry. Soon, I was at the laundry room where I was supposed to wash the clothes of all the pack members which had been dumped here before time. I remembered years ago when I had to hand wash the clothes with my hands, when the pack had not gotten machines to do the job, I was worked to the bones daily and I used to spend about 48 hours in the laundry room without food, I had to wash and wash and wash and sometimes, my hands peeled in some parts and I had to continue anyway. Thankfully, the pack was no longer as backward as it used to be and there were washing machines to do the job. It was still stressful though, operating about ten machines at the same time and making sure that I turned them on and off at the same time, monitored them properly and things like that. If anything got spoilt in the process, that would be trouble. A great deal of trouble, the last time that had happened, I had been beaten unceremoniously by one of the pack members and starved for two days. At the laundry room, I started sorting out the clothes to place them i the different machines when I heard a loud voice call for me from the dining room. "Adelaide!" I knew that voice, I'd known it for years and it was a voice that kept my heart in my mouth the entire time. The pack master of the Ranege pack, Alpha Vickson. Quickly, I dropped the clothes I had been holding as I headed to where I thought he would be, following his voice, it must have been the dining room cause that's where I ended up.. On getting there, I saw him, he was seated at the head of the table where a seat was usually reserved for him. "Adelaide, come here." He said and I went closer to where he was seating. "I hope you know that your day off this time would not be given.." he began and my mind reeled once again like I had been slapped, what??? "Why?" "Because.." he continued and my jaw dropped. What did he mean by that? I questioned myself. "Excuse me?.." I asked before he could finish what he was saying in disbelief and he smirked in response before waving me away.  
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