Chapter 1

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Fated mates are the single greatest gift bestowed upon werewolves. They complete each other and make them feel stronger in every aspect of life as they are the other half of their souls. From the day werewolves turn eighteen, they are able to start looking for the other half of their souls; their fated mates. Some wolves are lucky and have known their mates for their entire lives. Others, they search for years before finding them. Sterling Lam, the future Luna of the Briarwood Pack, some considered that pack was one of the unlucky ones. Usually Alphas are the oldest male offspring that ascend to lead the pack when their father steps down. In my case, I was the oldest of three siblings, my parents Alpha Jackson and Luna Jasmine were blessed with all girls which was rare as most Alpha families were blessed with at least one son. Being the oldest, Sterling was set to take over for her father Alpha Jackson. Her parents were new thinking werewolves. They didn't mind their eldest daughter becoming Luna of their pack, that is when she found her fated mate and if she didn't find him before her father wanted to step down she would become a mateless Luna. For Sterling, Jasper Blake was that mate, and this is her story. Jasper and Sterling had met weeks after her eighteenth birthday. Alpha Jackson, Sterling and her youngest sister Missy we're travelling to a nearby pack, the Harborwoods pack. This wasn't uncommon as Briarwood and Harborwoods were allies. Both packs were decent in size and each had beauty hidden within their territory. This visit was not exactly planned, but the Alpha of Harborwoods called a meeting. He wanted to speak with Alpha Jackson, and in turn meet the future Luna or Briarwood formally. Alpha Nathan Maxus had met Sterling on many different occasions, but has not seen her since she had turned eighteen. He knew how worried her parents felt about her becoming a mateless Luna, as it could make the pack a target as you are stronger once fully marked and mated and he agreed with them. To his surprise, Sterling also agreed. She had only ever been close to one other male wolf growing up, the Gamma Charles's grandson Greyson. Everyone thought Greyson would be Sterlings mate, he was a little younger than Sterling, only by seven months. Around his seventeenth birthday he moved away to study abroad. This was the first real heartbreak Sterling had. She swore to herself that she wouldn't let another boy break her heart the way Greyson had. She didn't care to find her mate but her parents were insistent. "Dad?" Sterling asked, staring out the window at the lush greenery flying by as they sped to their destination. "Yes, Sterling?" Alpha Jackson replied. He knew how his daughter felt about marriage, mates and love, but he hoped when she finally met her fated mate that it would change her mind. "Are we almost at Harborwoods? It would be nice to get out and stretch." Sterling nonchalantly replied. She knew bringing up Greyson was a dangerous subject. While her father adored Greyson and treated him as the son he never had, he was angry that Greyson had hurt his little girl. "We'll be there soon sweetheart." Jackson said, smiling at his daughter. Missy was fast asleep with her head against his side. The large six door SUV pulled up to the gates of Harborwoods. After a quick conversation the gates slowly opened allowing the SUV to pass. That's when she smelled it, the most perfect scent, the smell of the night after a thunderstorm. Sterling's eyes darted around, she knew what this smell meant. Somewhere close by, here in Harborwoods was her mate.
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