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Penelope's "Look where you're going, bitch." I knew the owner of that squeaky, irritating voice without looking at the person. I walked upright in her face. I must have been daydreaming without even paying attention to where I was heading to. I took a step back so I could get a better look at her, Megan. "Next time, b***h, you will be sorry for bumping into me like that." Her face reddened. She was beyond pissed. Of course, she would be because we both hated each other's guts. We went from being great friends to being enemies, all because of a boy we both liked, and he ended up liking me instead of her. And she hated that. Meghan always wanted all the attention. I was short on words. I didn't love to talk much. So I just stared at her, staring directly into her piercing green eyes. I was hoping I would scare her off. "Okay, Meghan understood," I replied in a bored tone. I gave her a bored expression and rolled my eyes. And that seemed to piss her off even more at that point. I was sure she was blowing off some imaginary smoke from her ears and nose. She gave me a mean, nasty look, scrunching her nose. I knew I got on her nerves, and that made me silently joyful. I even curved a smirk. Sassy, sassy, sassy. Inward, I was doing backflips. I would probably fall on my ass though. Yeah, Meghan, show me what you are capable of. I thought to myself, giving her a sinister smile. The reason why I hated her too was that when she couldn't get the guy she liked, she began to ruin my reputation in the pack. Because of her, most people disliked me. They thought I was a horrible person, and she would always get to have people make fun of me around the pack. Despite not liking each other, Meghan was an example of a beautiful lady with a horrible personality. As long as she doesn't open her mouth, you will love her. She had long blond hair that fell past her shoulders. She was a tall, slim lady with curves, about 5' 7" in height. She was a year older than me and always had a beautiful, evil smile. I envied her body type, and I would have envied it more if we still got along. She was adorned in a pair of jeans and a cute looking crop top that read "f**k off". She paired her outfit with some nice runners. "If you don't have anything else to say, then I will be on my way," I said to her. "I am not done with you yet." I was about to walk past her and she put her hand out to stop my movement. At that point, I was pissed and irritated at the same time. I was sick of her taunting me. I couldn't stand it. "Then what's your problem, Meghan?" I snapped. I couldn't help but roll my eyes even more. She glared at me before eyeing me up and down. "You..." "You are my problem!" She screeched. She pushed me backwards with so much force. I was falling on my back. I tried to gain my balance so I wouldn't hit the marbled floor, but I ended up missing my footing. I couldn't help but close my eyes and wait for the fall, only it didn't come as I expected it to. Instead, I felt strong arms holding both sides of my waist. I knew it was a man because I could smell the masculine scent. He held me up and close against his muscled chest. I could feel the ripples of his muscles against my t-shirt. He should be very built. I had no idea as to who was holding my backside against his front. But from what I could guess, it should be a very powerful man, either beta or alpha, but those two men were rarely seen around the pack, like really rare. I wonder why, though. I glanced at Meghan, who looked to be pale and frozen, in a trance as if she had seen a ghost. which even made me wonder more about who could be behind me. Can it be the alpha? Laughing at myself inwardly As if he could even hold me. It seemed very funny. I had to hold my laughter in. "What's going on here?" He barked. His deep voice startled me even though it caused tingles to run down my spine. His voice filled me up with desire. He had this effect on me that I couldn't explain. But my body reacted in a way it had not before. I tried to get away from him, but his grip on my waist only tightened, holding me in place. "N... n... Alpha Lucian, nothing." Megan stuttered. Her face was pale, as though she had seen a ghost. which surprised me even more. I had never seen such an expression on her face, especially since she never stammered and I didn't register the words that left her mouth. I was still in some kind of daze. This man is doing something to me. I don't know what it is, but I know it's something. Well, it doesn't look like anything to me. You know, I hate such behavior coming from my pack members. This will be the last time I tolerate this behaviour from any of you. If you continue, I will deal with you, and I don't think you will both be able to live through what I will put you through. " He sounded pissed, and his voice got deeper too. As he spoke, he tightened his grip even more, and it got painful. Before I could even react, he abruptly let go of me and walked off as if nothing had happened. I was still stunned and caught up in my stupor. I recovered and turned quickly, then watched Alpha Lucian walk away. He sure was a heck of a man alright. We had completely forgotten about our disagreement. We couldn't do more at that point; it was best to leave it as was. I realised I was alone, standing like a fool with no direction. Penelope was great, just great. My thirst for refreshment no longer bothered me. I walked out of the packhouse and headed for home. I wanted to avoid any more trouble. Well, all would have gone well if it were not for Meghan. Okay, but I was to blame too, but still... Well played, Meghan. A.N. Hello everyone, thanks for giving my book a chance. I am still new to writing and English isn't my first language, so I apologize for the mistakes. Feel free to correct me whenever you like; I am also a learner, after all, but please let it be positive criticism.
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