Chapter 1

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Lila “Lila!” Nathan called from the closet, a frantic edge to his voice. “Have you seen my black silk tie? The one with the cream-colored stripes?” I looked around the room and smiled when my gaze hit the headboard. Oh, I’d seen it—and felt it the night before when he’d wrapped it around my wrists. He was an animal and f****d me until I came three times. I grabbed one end and slipped the tie from between the wooden slats, then pulled it around my neck. My body heated from the simple feel of the silk and all the reminders of what this tie meant last night. I smiled and looped one end over the other, tying it as I walked to the closet where he was rummaging around. He bumped his head into hangers, jostling the clothes and knocking a suit jacket loose. I’d never hit my head like that, but then again, he was almost eight inches taller than me. The mop of brown hair on his head was still wet from his shower and was sticking out everywhere. I stifled a laugh from seeing him so disoriented. He was a hot mess—emphasis on hot. He looked so good in only his slacks, his muscles rippling as he picked things up. His blue eyes were wild in their search for the article of clothing resting around my neck. I leaned against the door with the tie resting between my bare breasts and waited. “Is this the one you’re looking for?” His head snapped in my direction, and I watched as all thought stopped. “It was still attached to the headboard.” He stood up straight and stalked toward me, licking his lips. “Miss Palmer, you’re going to make me late, and I can’t afford to be late to this interview.” I already knew there was no way he could leave in the state I’d created. He reached me and pulled me close, his hands grabbing my ass and lifting me slightly from the ground. I let out a squeak and a small moan when his hard length pushed against my stomach. His lips crashed to mine, and I wrapped my arms around his neck while he picked me up, my legs tangling around his waist. “f**k, baby. Such a little minx, getting me all riled up. My f*****g c**k wants to pound that sweet p***y of yours so badly,” he said with a groan, his fingers digging deeper into my ass. “You have time,” I said, pushing my hips down and rubbing against his length as I took his bottom lip between my teeth. His eyes moved around, searching for something. Finding what he was looking for, he took a few steps forward, and I found myself sitting on the counter in the bathroom. He moved his hand between us and pulled my panties to the side. The clicking of the metal teeth of his zipper echoed off the tile walls before he pulled his c**k out and slapped it against my clit. “Such a f*****g naughty girl, running around in only your panties and my tie?” A ripple ran through his body, causing me to draw in a shuddered breath of excitement. “Acting like a little slut, begging me to f**k you. That’s what you are, isn’t it?” I bit my bottom lip and moved my hips, rubbing his c**k against my aching p***y. “Isn’t it, Delilah?” he whispered in my ear, nipping at my neck along the way. “f**k, yes!” He pushed his hips against mine. “What do you want, my little slut?” “f**k me! Baby, please f**k me!” I was rewarded when he lined his c**k up with my p***y and slammed it all the way in, sending fire racing through my veins. “Oh, f**k!” he hissed, then pulled out and slammed back in. I cried out each time he entered me, the friction satisfying the need I always had for him. He was the euphoria-inducing injection I needed daily—better than any of my medications. I needed him every morning to chase away the monsters in my dreams, and I wasn’t going to let him shirk it off because of an interview. What kind of asshole scheduled one so early, anyway? All thought left me, white blanketing my mind and making it fuzzy as he pulled my hips to him and thrust in hard and deep. He set up a furious pace, wiping everything from me and replacing it with nothing but him—his love, his need, his desires. I pulled him close, loving the feeling of his skin against mine. His teeth nipped at my lip, then moved down my jaw. I clenched around him when his teeth scraped down the length of my neck and bit down. “Baby…baby, oh f**k! Feels so f*****g good when you clamp down on me like that.” My muscles coiled tight, tensing, making me arch against his body. I couldn’t breathe—everything in my body stopped as I teetered on the edge of shattering in his arms. “That’s it—come for me,” he groaned in my ear. “Come all over my c**k. I f*****g love watching you come.” His dirty words were enough, and I let go, screaming his name as he continued to pound into me. I shook, my body convulsing as wave after wave moved through me. As I was coming down from my high, his grip tightened and he tensed. Unintelligible moans and groans slipped past his lips as he spilled inside me. He slumped against me, placing light kisses on my neck. “You’re a bad influence.” “Me?” My voice went up in pitch. “Yes, you.” He nipped at my neck. “Way too sexy, f*****g insatiable, and you walk around with nothing but your f*****g panties on. That’s the international symbol for ‘bend me over and f**k me.’” I kissed his cheek. “Will you?” One brow hitched up. “Will I what?” “Bend me over and f**k me if I wear no panties?” I whispered in his ear. His c**k twitched inside me, making me smile. He would. “Ung! Woman, you drive me crazy.” He pulled away, kissing me hard on the lips before letting go. He helped me clean up and pulled me down from the counter before resuming the task I’d interrupted. I stretched out on the bed, sleepy from our morning fun, but was startled when Nathan’s hand slapped across my ass, making me look up with wide eyes. “No sleeping. You have to get ready for work,” he said, chastising me while he buttoned up his shirt and pulled the tie from around my neck. I groaned and snuggled back into my pillow. “Five more minutes.” “Baby, it’s seven already.” “s**t!” I jumped out of my comfortable position on the bed and ran into the closet, pulling a skirt and dress shirt down from the rack. My fingers fumbled with the buttons as I tried to dress at top speed, all the while Nathan chuckled at me from the bedroom. I looked through the doorway and scowled at him. “Meanie.” “Me? Who was it seducing me not half an hour ago? My interview is before you start today.” Nathan shook his head as he tied his shoes. It’d been just over a month since Nathan left Holloway and Holloway, and he was heading out for his fourth interview. I gazed down at my left hand and the large diamond that adorned my ring finger. It had also been that long since Nathan and I had been engaged. Engaged. The word still seemed foreign to me. Engaged. Betrothed. Fiancé. Nathan was my fiancé. Nathan and I were getting married. I was marrying Nathan Thorne. I was loved and getting married. I staggered a bit at that realization, as I always did. Never did I think I would get married, because I never thought I was good enough, or that anyone would want me. That was how my family had conditioned me, after all. Yet, I was the one engaged to the office god. Though that didn’t mean I wasn’t still getting s**t from the Boob Squad. Nathan’s public proposal had really thrown them for a loop. Jennifer, the one who outed us, thought she could get her claws in him. In her mind, we were just a fling, and I was some chick he was screwing with. Oh, how I loved the look on her face when she found out we’d been living together, and even more so when he got down on one knee in front of everyone. Still, they were on me, telling me that it wasn’t going to last or informing me of the divorce rates. They even went so far as to say they’d seen him when they were out to lunch with another woman and that he was doomed to cheat on me. I had to laugh at that one, because the woman was Erin, his cousin. Life without Nathan in the office took some getting used to. The day after Nathan left, Owen moved to Nathan’s desk and became my new partner. It was nice not to have the Boob Squad interrupting the day except when they really needed help. Owen was a cutie and really sweet, but he was of no interest to them—it was a shame they couldn’t see it, because he really was a catch. Lucky for Amy, his girlfriend, the bitches were blind. I ached for Nathan as I watched the hours tick by until I was able to leave and return home to him. “Quit daydreaming, future Mrs. Thorne. It’s fifteen after,” he called, pulling me from my thoughts. “s**t!” I rushed to the back of the closet and pulled out some heels, slipped them on, then raced into the bathroom for a little bit of makeup. “Will I be seeing some random dirty texts from you today?” “You miss my ass, don’t you? Admit it.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Yes, Nathan—just like I told you yesterday and the day before that.” I used a higher-pitched girlie voice as I continued on, my hand resting on my chest as I over-acted. “I ache for you all day long. I watch the hours tick by until I can return home to you. My life just isn’t the same without you ramming me against the office wall and threatening me with your manhood when our office peers have their backs turned. ” I fluttered my lashes at him for a second and smirked. He laughed out loud, kissing my forehead. “Smart ass.” He slapped my ass. He knew I missed him like crazy. He just liked to rub it in and get me to tell him over and over how much I needed and wanted him all the time. Bastard. I loved it, too. It was one of my favorite games we played. “You know you can’t get enough of my c**k. That’s why I send you those dirty texts. When you get home, you’re so wet, and it’s all for me. All I have to do is shove your panties to the side and I’m in.” “Charming, as always.” I rolled my eyes, but he caught me biting my lip and smirked. “But you’re all talk.” I waved my hand at him. “You send some sweet ones, too. So, it turns out there’s a heart attached to that d**k somewhere.” “f**k, yeah, I do. Those make you even wetter than the dirty ones. I’m no fool—chicks love a guy who’s sentimental.” He laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing a kiss on my neck. “And you eat it up when I tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you.” I nodded as I finished brushing my hair and tossing it up into a bun. “Yeah, yeah. You’re the man.” He caressed my ass. “Hopefully I’ll get this job so I can quit spending the majority of my days searching for openings that are nowhere close to where you are. That s**t just pisses me off. The idea of you so far away…” “At least you’re able to make good use of old contacts from when you were a prosecutor.” I angled my head around and kissed the tip of his nose. He smiled. “True, but how many f*****g interviews does one man have to go to before someone gets a clue and hires me?” “Things are looking good. You’ll find the perfect position soon. I’m sure of it.” He nuzzled my hair and kissed the top of my head. “I have to go.” I turned in his arms and wrapped mine around his neck. “Good luck. I know you’ll do great.” “Yes, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good day.” He chuckled and leaned down to kiss me. “I love you,” I said as we pulled away. “I love you, too.” He gave me a smile and another quick kiss before heading out the door. I spent the next ten minutes frantically getting ready before I also headed out the door, into the cold Indiana January, and to the office. When I pulled into the parking lot, I held my breath as my stomach clenched and my heart dropped over seeing his usual spot empty. He wasn’t going to be here today. He wasn’t going to be here any more days at all. I wouldn’t have him here, watching over me, brightening my day with his gorgeous smile and his intense blue gaze. I made my way up to my empty office and sat at my desk, sighing and counting down the minutes until I saw Nathan again. God, I really was pathetic, and hopelessly in love with him. No matter how much I joked about missing him during my days, it was all true. Every bit of it. Nothing was the same without him. Time was moving backward, or maybe just inching by, to torture me.
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