Chapter 1

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My name is Skyler McCall. I am the daughter of the current Alpha and Luna of the Silvercrest wolf pack. The individuals that I call mom and dad are known to the world as Sebastian and Elena McCall. They met at an alpha meeting. My father was the Alpha of our pack at the time, and my mother was the daughter of one. It was an instant attraction. Their story was so romantic like a fall in love at first sight kind of romantic. It didn't take long till my mom got pregnant.  Triplets.  My parents were only expecting three boys. You should've seen the shock on their face when they laid their eyes on me. Our pack is cursed. Not literally by witches, but it might as well be. There hasn't been another female born from the Alpha bloodline in five hundred years. This is the reason why my parents took my birth so poorly.  My ancestors were the most powerful creatures of the land. Well the females. The females born of the Silvercrest bloodline were powerful and superior in every way. Their coats were as white as snow. Their growls made even the most powerful alphas submit on their knees. They were the Alphas of all Alphas. Their white fur made them royalty. They were known as the white wolf, the spirit wolf. It didn't take long till they were hunted down and killed off. Although the spirit wolf is all kinds of powerful, with the right amount of pressure, they came crumbling down. My ancestors last name that was passed down from generation to generation was SIlver. Once those who survived went into hiding, they changed their last name. The survivors had also planned to spread rumors through the lower ranking wolves to get the word out to other packs. It didn't take long for the word to spread that a lone wolf with the last name McCall had came to claim the throne of the Silvercrest pack and lead it. Nobody questioned it because most of the pack was killed off during the purge of our bloodline. In order to keep some of our ancestors with us, all the children from then on were named with their first name starting with an 'S'.  Skyler, Scott and Steven McCall The triplets My brothers are very protective over me. There was one time in elementary school that a boy went in to hug me, and I didn't even realize it because I was drooling over some pizza. Before I knew it, my brothers pounced on him before I could get a hit in. We all got expelled, and they've just gotten more overprotective ever since.  ****Present Day***** "Why the f**k would they do that?!" I could hear my father yelling into his phone. "It makes no sense as to what they could get out of this... Alright, I'll tell them." Our father turned to face us, " There was an attack..."  "What the-- I mean what do you mean?" Scott immediately shot out.   "Rogues set your school on fire this weekend."  My father responded.  The boys began to fill up with rage. Their once smiling faces were now gone. All that showed now was pure anger. Rogue wolves were always on the run. They were either exiled out of a pack for bad things or chose to leave which is rare. They never worked together, so it was beyond strange that they worked together to burn down the school.  I knew my brothers were taking it pretty hard about the school because of their power there. They were untouchable. While Scott was a beast on the football team, Steven conquered football and chess. He was both strategic and had the muscles to back it up. Our team has been undefeated ever since. I, on the other hand, was in cheerleading and band. My thoughts were cut short by my fathers voice... "You'll now be attending Shadow Heights from now on..." 'Oh crap'
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