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THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO Thunder and lightning spread through the sky, the ocean waves went five-meter high. The ground was shaking and the walls were breaking. The Atlanteans were running away, trying to escape from the wrath of Greek gods and goddesses, especially Zeus who became wary of the Atlanteans' greed and immorality. None of them could get out from the Atlantean realm using their powers, the entire land covered with Zeus' powerful barrier. The continent started sinking deep into the ocean, away from the human realm. Only screams could be heard from them. "You are all vanished from the surface of the Earth. You will live separately in your own realm," Zeus said these words as a curse to the Atlantean race. His voice echoed in the entire sky. "No Atlantean could get out of Atlantis. Taste my wrath." Poseidon named that land Atlantis after the name of his and Cleito's son, Atlas, the first King of Atlantis. Atlas no longer lived in Atlantis, and stayed in a mountainous region. Poseidon looked away. He was also pissed off when Atlanteans became greedy. They wanted to conquer other continents and claim the lands. They became advanced in technology and inherited god-like powers that made them become boastful. They married humans and other races, and tried various things to become stronger than the Olympians. The gods also received reports that some Atlantean nobles are raising kakodaimons to overthrow Olympus gods and goddesses. These Kakodaimons are evil, they devour human blood and suck their souls as their food. They are strong and vicious. The continent sank deep, and no one ever heard of Atlantis again for centuries.   Eighteen years ago...   "Althea," the man called from behind her. She turned around and saw the man she only loved in her entire life. He is tall and lean. She loves his oval-shaped face. His deep set blue eyes speak of knowledge and see through her. His perfectly straight nose bridge to its tip is aesthetically beautiful, and his heart-shaped lips have prominent cupid's bow and heavier lower lip. He walked slowly closer to her then he hugged her tight. Althea looked around. They are in a gazebo near the lake full of water lilies. The sides of the lake are full of wildflowers in different colors. "It's beautiful here." "You like it?" he asked. He cupped her small, heart-shaped face. "Yes, Atlas," she replied. Her sweet smile showed while staring deeply in his eyes. "You are so beautiful." He kissed her on her forehead, then he stared at her hazel gray eyes. He kissed her again on the tip of her turned up nose, then on her small, full lips. "Atlas..." she murmured his name. She loves saying that name. He lowered his arm and touched her belly. "Take care of him. He will be the future of our race." "I don't understand..." she said. Then she remembered the night they shared a few months ago. “You mean..." "The fate has turned the table, the mighty one will fall; a young man has been ordained, to end the king of gods one day." He kissed her again on her lips then he turned around and walked away from her. "Hold on, Atlas, where are you going? Why are you leaving me here?" She was confused. He left her alone in an unknown paradise. "Atlas... Atlas!" She gasped for air. She had a dream again with a man she does not know personally, but they fell in love in her dreams and she gave herself to him. It was nothing to her since it was all just a dream. What was bugging her was her tummy. She touched it. There is a small bump on it, and she did not have her period for the last two months, going three this month. She felt anxious. She needs to see a doctor to find out why her period is delayed. She was never delayed and it worries her. She laid down again and tried to sleep. She needs to wake up early to visit the Obstetrics-Gynecology doctor.   The next day, she told her mother about her situation. They both went to the doctor for a check-up. Althea was nervous while the doctor was performing the ultrasound, then the doctor asked her to remove her underwear and position herself with legs wide open. She had a hesitation to do it, but she needs to. "You don't have to worry," Doctor Rebecca Foreman has been her mother's doctor for years. She was the doctor who performed Caesarean operation on her mother when she gave birth to her. "I'm used to it. I've seen a lot for more than thirty years of being a doctor." She removed her underwear and spread her legs on the bed. The doctor covered her with a blanket and rolled it up to her knees. She touched her private part and checked it. She examined her genital part. "Doctor, please be careful. I'm still a virgin," she said. "I can see that... but how come?' She removed her hand gloves and told her to put on her panties. "Are we done, Doc?" her mother asked. "How's my daughter? Is there any problem?" Her mother is sitting on the chair beside the doctor's table. "You're pregnant," the doctor said to Althea, but her forehead wrinkled. "How did it happen that you're a virgin yet I saw a fetus in your ultrasound? I really checked your genitals and you are fully intact." "I-I don't know either, Doc. Is it scientifically possible?" she asked. She is still a student, currently graduating in Senior High. She cannot be an unwed virgin mother. She has a lot of dreams in life and she needs to earn money to support her parents and siblings. She looked at her Mom. "Mom, I swear, I didn't do anything. I don't even have a boyfriend." The doctor nodded. "It's possible through artificial insemination, but it will cost much, and a catheter will still be inserted in your genital area to complete the procedure. I doubt you will do that just to get pregnant." "What are we going to do, Mom?" She was about to cry when her mother cupped her face. "You didn't do anything bad, and a child is a blessing." She held her daughter's hand. She looked at Doctor Rebecca. "We will go back for her regular check-up." "Sure. I will give you prescriptions for the baby, also a medical certificate stating you are intact. You might need it. I know some people are judgmental about being a single mother." "Thank you, Doc, but I will make her stop schooling after her graduation." She looked at Althea and nodded to her. "Give birth to your child first then you can go back to school right after." They both left the clinic. Althea's footsteps were heavy. She could not believe she became pregnant from her dream. She still remembers that night they shared. It felt real to her. "Althea, you are so lovely," Atlas said while caressing her body. "Your skin is soft and silky, like a baby's skin." She closed her eyes and moaned while feeling his hand between her thighs. "More..." His touch made her drunk. It is addicting. Atlas did what she requested. His hand moved faster that made her lose her sanity. Her body shivered as she reached the c****x. He positioned himself in between her thighs then he did a thrust that made her lose control. She was moaning and shouting his name as he pounded her. "Atlas!" "Althea... Althea?" her mother called her name several times, which made her return to reality. "Y-yes, Mom?" she said while stuttering. "Are you okay?" her mother touched her forehead. "You're hot. Let's go back to Doctor Rebecca and ask for medicine." She pulled her to go back to the doctor's clinic. She just let her mother. She knows what made her feel hot, but she just kept her mouth shut. She touched her belly. She is sure it was not just a dream. There is a baby in her tummy.
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