Unwanted bride

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Chapter 2 Lucian’s pov I can’t believe I have to marry some random shewolf just because she is an Alpha’s daughter. Why is my mum making me go through with this. I would sign the alliance with the clause that I would protect them as long as I don’t have to marry her if I could get away with it. It is outdated now that we are all in an alliance thanks to the new Queen anyway. I don't get why we still have to honour the agreement. Mum is so insistent on it, I have no idea why she wants this to go ahead so much. I already have plenty of women to satisfy me if my mum wants me to have a Luna, I could easily pick one of them at least I know I will be attracted to her then, instead of some desperate spoiled Alpha’s daughter who wants to make sure she marries an Alpha. There is no way I will be going near her she will be a wife in name only she will have her own room, and she better not expect to have any say in my pack. I have met the younger daughter, and she is the most annoying person I have had the displeasure of meeting. I felt like ending her life then and there. It was pretty close too, I even threatened her when she dared to touch my arm and flirt with me. I think I must have scared her off, and that’s why they are giving up their other daughter who I have never met. She is probably worse being the first daughter. She couldn’t even be bothered to meet me when the rest of the family was present, so spoiled and rude. I plan on making her life here hell then hopefully I will be able to get rid of her, unfortunately after I signed the contract I noticed my mum had put in the small print the marriage has to last 3 years at least. The way I am going to treat her, she will be running for the hills by then. “So are you looking forward to your wedding tomorrow?” my gamma Shawn teases. “Fu.ck off Shawn, if my mum hadn’t tricked me, I wouldn’t be doing this. She will be put in a room and left. She better not get in my way if she knows what’s good for her” I growl “Hey calm down I’m just messing with you. You never know she might be hot” he says, wiggling his eyebrows. “I couldn’t care less. I won’t be touching her, I have plenty of hot women. I have no intention of giving her the wrong impression about us. I want rid of her as soon as possible” I sneer. “Fair enough, I am sure she’s over the moon about it” he laughs. “Lucian” I hear my mum shouting “Yes mum” I say, walking towards her “Oh there you are, I have some items coming for Aurora, so I need you to make space in your room to accommodate them” she says to me “I might have agreed to this farce of a wedding but she will not be staying in my room I draw the line there, put her in the Luna suite if you must but if I find anything in my room it will be destroyed including her” I warn. “Don’t be ridiculous she will be your wife. You should be sharing a room” she snorts. “I mean it, mum, don’t push this. I don’t want us to fall out over this. I won’t have some vapid bimbo encroaching on my life” I warn “Goddess Lucian, you haven’t even met the girl yet. She is nothing like her sister. Give her a chance. If she is a fraction of her mother, she will be a beautiful, wonderful woman” she states. “What Luna Selma” I laugh. “Not that harpy, don’t be ridiculous. Zander and Aurora’s mum died when she was 7 her dad had already impregnated that harlot by then with Suzie. I was good friends with their mother Aurora was an enchanting child, when I set this up it was for her hand in marriage I wanted not that brats” she explains. “A lot changes in 12 years mum, she didn’t even have the decency to appear in front of me when I visited the pack. She probably thinks she is too good to bother with it” I sneer. “Don’t jump to conclusions. You have no idea what happens in other packs” she argues. “Neither do you mum, I’m done with this she will stay in another room from me I am not discussing this further” I state, walking away as I hear her sigh. “You were a bit harsh with Luna. She may have a point” Shawn says “Not you too. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, from tomorrow I am stuck with her here. Can I just have some fu.cking peace for the rest of today?” I sigh. “No problem, I won't mention it again” he says, doing a zipping motion with his hand to his mouth. We get on with some pack work then decide to go out and get drunk to ‘celebrate’ my wedding tomorrow with my beta Fred and brother Lee. The night quickly turns into a blur as we drink more and more wolf strength alcohol. I wake up in the morning to banging and shouting on my door as I look around half asleep, I see two naked pack sl.uts in my bed I can barely even remember the night but it looks like I made the most of it. “Get up and get the fu.ck out “ I growl at them as they quickly put on their clothes, if you could call them clothes that is. As they rush out of the door, Lee, Fred, and Shawn walk in. “We have been trying to link you for ages. You have to shower and get ready, or we will be late” Lee complains. “Sh.it ok I’m moving” I groan, heading for the shower as they look out my clothes. If it wasn’t for the fact, it would look bad. I couldn’t care less if I was late or didn’t turn up at all. I quickly shower and throw on my clothes before we rush out the door. Thankfully, the Light Moon Pack is not far, so we get there quickly. I greet my new in-laws who all look happy about the wedding except for Zander. Alpha Bernard excuses himself to collect the bride. Well, here goes nothing. I suppose I had better take my place, I think, feeling sorry for myself. I am looking away when I catch the most intoxicating smell which puts my wolf Luca on alert, as I turn I see the Alpha walking the most beautiful woman I have ever seen towards me, she looks totally unhappy about being here which pi.sses me off for some unknown reason. Just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, I heard Luca shout mate in my head. Oh hell no, this is not happening. It doesn’t change a thing. I still want nothing to do with her or this marriage. I quickly shut down our connection so he doesn’t affect me and make me do something stupid. I see her as she gets to me, looking just as confused and annoyed as I am, how dare she not want to be with me, who does she think she is. Her father places her hand into mine and goes to give her a kiss, and she steps away from him, that’s interesting she’s obviously not pleased with him. Either they have a bad relationship or she is upset with him about the wedding. He looks angry at her for embarrassing him but decides not to draw too much attention to it. I feel the tingles from our hands touching but I can’t sense her wolf, I know she can tell we are mates by her reaction, so I am not only forced into marriage but my mate is wolfless how much worse can this get? She pulls her hand from me as if she can’t stand being near me before turning to the elder. Luca is clawing to get out. I threatened to reject her here, and now if he doesn’t calm down so he goes quiet, fu.ck what have I gotten myself in to.
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