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JRMool is my pen name. I\'m a young adult, and a mom to a sassy little girl, with paranormal romance being my thing. If I\'m not chasing down my toddler you will find me with my nose in a good book or my fingers feverishly working across my laptop as I write, bringing the stories that swirl around in my mind to life. I loose myself in the journey with my characters, and I hope my stories allow you to do the same. I havent been doing this for very long, and I am still learning as I go. So please be kind. Enjoy the reads! P.S I\'ve set up a instagram page to show how I envision characters, plots, whats coming next and to chat about sequeals. Please give me a follow : @JRMool * Love\'s a good romance novel * Sucker for the bad boy * Avid Tea Drinker * Natural living * South African living in New Zealand
Mated to the Devil
Updated at Apr 30, 2023, 19:48
He came into my world like a hurricane, unpredictable, dangerous and out of control, destroying everything I had built in his wake. There would be no one else after him, he made it so. My mate was cruel, cunning, reckless and devilishly handsome and I was completely and utterly entrapped by all that is him, consumed by him. What was it like to be in love with the Devil's son? I'll tell you...... ********** Will seemingly ordinary werewolf Arabella Wilson fight against the innermost parts of her soul defying fate to keep a small piece of herself untainted and solely hers? Or would she succumb to the pull she felt to a certain set of honey eyes, with fiery red flecks that danced dangerously within them, a reminder and warning of what lies within the holder. *Full disclosure, I do not own the images used for this cover* *Mature graphic content* *PG 18+* Warning: This book contains sex, dominance, fetish, abuse, death and strong language. This is your warning. I won't warn readers when these are dropped in chapters within this novel as I feel it takes away from some of the plot and surprise. This book is copywritten, I own full rights, DO NOT plagiarize
Updated at Jul 15, 2021, 15:19
Sarah and her grandmother are forced by a cruel twist of fate to move to the small town of Ravenswood. A mysterious small town where after two mutilated bodies were found in the woods, everyone seems to keep to themselves, a far cry from what they were used to in California. Sarah looked through her bedroom window at the eerie estate next door, she could almost see a dark aura radiating from within it's walls, she was intrigued and curious. Her mind wondered with possibilities around the strange people who lived there and what secrets were contained behind those doors. What happens when love, magic, fate and mystery all hang in the balance ? Let's find out. This book contains mature dark content: sex, violence, strong language and mental health subjects around depression and anxiety (Talk of suicide, and acts of self mutilation). As with all my books, this is your warning, I will not warn you per chapter. * Disclaimer: I do not own the image used for this cover*