Reading completes me

How does reading fulfill you as a person?

Is reading very important to you? Do you happen to be the occasional reader who immerses himself into the latest Dan Brown bestseller while drinking cocktails on the beach? Or are you one of those avid readers who need to read even when going to the bathroom? Does reading help you get in tune with your internal desires? Are you able to find your true self only when entering the world of literature? Do you feel that you would be unable to live in a world where books never existed?

Online series? Why?

Serialized online fiction has inevitably becomes the next trend in the publishing industry. It is quite different from reading books or e-books, online fiction series can bring closer the audience to the author and allow them to participate in the writing process. Apart from enjoying their favorite fiction, readers also get the chance to exchange feedback with authors and shape the course of events in their favorite stories.

The female reader's/writer's club

With the aim of providing fascinating new titles in a variety of genres for female readers, Dreame takes into serious consideration the reading habits of female readers and their aesthetic demands. With Dreame, we have created a female oriented reading platform where female writers can find the inspiration to create new worlds for female readers.

We have chosen the unicorn as the main logo of Dreame because it represents the inner world of our female readers. A colorful world full of wonders, beauty, and miracles. Our aim is to become a reflection of that world and provide a viewing window into the female mind.

How writing defines me

Dreame supports its writers by providing royalties, promotions, tutorials, workshops, publishing guides, and exploiting IP assets, helping indie authors to achieve their own dreams. For more information please click the following link to access the writers program:

Why coins?

Due to the presence of new forms of media, printed press is becoming obsolete. Nowadays, it has lost much of its past significance and in no way can offer long term financial guarantees to new writers.

In an attempt to replace the role of the traditional publishing house, Dreame strives to help the authors receive rewards from their hard work.

Readers can get the chance to read the first chapters of an online novel before deciding whether to support an author by purchasing coins in order to continue reading his work.

When writers get paid it encourages them to craft their works better, which benefits to the healthy development of the industry.

Let the journey begin.

We are approaching an age where the boundaries between readers and authors shall cease to exist. Everyone will be a creator and a reader at the same time. Reading and writing are the mostly natural thing in our daily life. Your thoughts and feelings are encouraged to roam free on Dreame.

Welcome to Dreame…a world full of dreamers.

Let’s witness the products of the uninhibited female imagination.

“I dream. Sometimes I think it’s the only right thing to do.”

(Quote from Haruki Murakami)

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