Story By UnknownPN93


A simple and quiet person. A husband. A father. An introvert who tried to animate his fantasies through writing. P.S. English and Filipino is not my firsy language. So, please bear with the grammatical errors with my story.
The Rapist's Diary
Updated at Sep 17, 2023, 15:13
A female detective was assigned to a mysterious rape case, which later turned out to be a serial case. But as her investigation deepens, she slowly uncovered several old secrets which will put her own life in danger. Will she solve the mysterious case or will she become one of the victims of the serial rapist?
The Lone Wolf
Updated at Sep 15, 2023, 16:20
A lone wolf decided to start his quest for vengeance against a pack of wolves who killed his father and stole his ability to shift. With his relentless effort and determination, he slowly uncovered the truth behind his father's death. But could he take down the mysterious but powerful group that ruined his life? Will he succeed in his endeavors or will he succumb to the same fate as his father?