Story By AvAristya


Hi, I\'m AvAristya, a writer. I don\'t know, what people think about my novel, but I feel that my novel is the best. Why am I writing novels?, because there is nothing I can do but write novels. Am I writing a half-hearted novel?, of course not. I sometimes do things for no reason, but I\'m not very diligent about writing novels. So, I definitely wholeheartedly. But, I will write a novel, if the novel is promising. If people say, \'do it first, don\'t think about the outcome.\' for me, \'do it and see the results.\' like I said, I don\'t like doing things for nothing Regards.. Author AvAristya
Love or Lust
Updated at May 1, 2021, 18:22
Tells about people who were faced with the choices they had to make. That will define how they will turn out, focusing on people who have a strong desire to have something, even if they have to betray their own friends.