Story By Brittney


Hey everyone made a fb group Abused and Broken by Brittney. This is where you can get updates, behind the scene info and much more!
Finally Fixing Broken
Updated at Jan 7, 2022, 15:19
Third book on the Abused and Broken series After everything we have been through. The love the hate the drama. Its finally time to sit back and enjoy my life with my twins and my mate. Or least that's what I thought.
Still Broken
Updated at Mar 18, 2021, 14:41
Sequel to Abused and Broken. "After everything I have already been through. I knew my life never slows down. I would never be free. I should have known I'd still be Broken." After Embers life seems to be able to be normal she learns that Blaze was never really her fate. At least not the one she was originally supposed to have. Now that other things start to play out will she choose Blaze or to save him choose another path.
Abused and Broken
Updated at Sep 16, 2020, 06:24
How do you know what love is when the only love you have ever know comes with bruises cuts and being told you are nothing? Short answer is you can't know what it truly is. It is a risk. That is not a risk I can take. Ember is a wolf. Her dad is abusive and leaves the pack with her in order to avoid anyone learning about the things he does to her. Her first day she finds her mate. However, she doesn't want a mate not after what she saw her father do to her mother. She must hide herself. But how long can she hide from the future Alpha who is looking everywhere for his mate? In the process of edits all chapters! Please hang in there!