Story By aray2493


Updated at Mar 22, 2022, 18:53
200 years ago, the Great War ended life as we know it. The Government Officials with their families and those they appointed neccessary for the restoration of earth were tucked safely into their bunkers. The rest of the population was left to deal with the fallout from nuclear radiation, bio chemical war fare, and DNA altering viruses. 90% of the surface population died. The survivors evolved, mutated, changed. They were named The Ferals. 120 years later, the people living in the bunkers, known as Dwellers are forced to come to the surface and start a new life. Terrified of the changed world they find themselves in, they build walls around their settlement and start a new way of life. 80 years later brings us to present day. Animosity between the Ferals and the Dwellers is at an all time high, and one woman is about to find herself in the middle of it all. Alissia Stone, daughter of the General for the Dweller army, pursued by the Prince of the Dweller Kingdom, taken prisoner by the leader of the Feral clan. Can she find a way to bring peace between their two peoples? Or will others plans and ambitions lead to betrayal and war?