Story By Hkdancer 88

Hkdancer 88

I\'m a professional dancer ,reading and writing are my 2nd passions. I\'m honestly just as lost as most 22 year olds but atleast we are trying. I hope you enjoy my minds chaos
What if ?
Updated at Apr 15, 2023, 16:14
What If?   An epic tale about a melancholy villain who meets the love of his life, a sunny law-abiding citizen who genuinely cares about everyone. The only problem is that while she tries to save the world, he will burn it to the ground trying to save her, which inevitably breaks both of their hearts.
Another Day Without You
Updated at Mar 23, 2022, 14:42
I've honestly lost count but ever since the day I first saw you ,first laid my eyes upon the tears you shed for my life.The fear hidden in those blue orbs of yours my life completely changed. I was stuck in my role and I knew just as much as you did that we'd never be real to one another. That we would be so close to each other but never be able to reach one another.
His World & Her secrets
Updated at Mar 23, 2022, 14:11
Hermione is a girl with a troubled past. This leads her to a new school in a new country far away from everything she knew, loved and hated. But will this new journey unlock the secrets everyone was trying to hide and what happenes when she finds someone she was never meant to find?