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24-year-old independent author from the UK. For updates and news follow my F . B Author Page "PLB Author" Book one - Origins: The Luna City Trilogy (Completed - Under editing) Book two - Destined: The Luna City Trilogy (May 15th)
Origins : The Luna City Trilogy
Updated at Nov 7, 2021, 18:33
COMPLETED - UNDER MASTER EDIT - Chpt 22/93 (Alterations to commence - clear cache to see changes)*** Her past unknown and her future uncertain... After being separated from her brother during a vicious attack led by creatures as old as time; Willow, a parentless werewolf with the inability to shift, finds herself thrown into the dangerous world of her newfound mate, Elijah Night. The notorious Alpha of the Shadow Pack, the ruler of the great Luna City, the most feared amongst all wolves. As Willow adjusts to her new life while trying to find those lost from her past, malevolent forces lurk in the shadows, hungry to destroy what she has built and wreak havoc upon the City she has grown to love, determined to spark a war between all creatures alike. Will Willow accept her destiny? Can she save the city from the unthinkable? Come find out... Book one of The Luna City Trilogy - continuation novels.