Story By Everlena Snow

Everlena Snow

I love the fantasy world since my early childhood years. I love traveling to different countries and learning the different perspectives about life. I wish to bring happiness to all my readers and take them to a place where they are filled with nothing but bliss.
My Fairytale Retold
Updated at Jul 2, 2023, 18:14
Alyssa, who was born as a Princess from the Northern Dukedom, got married to Hayden Lokem, the eldest son of the Emperor. At first, Alyssa was content with the marriage arrangement as the prince was charming, pleasant, and good-looking. However, after the wedding, things took a turn for the worse. When she arrived in the empire, she discovered that the prince had a mistress whom he cherished more than anything. At first, she tried to live her life without involving herself with the Crown Prince and his mistress to avoid any conflicts. Unfortunately, the mistress had her own motives. The crown prince believed the mistress when she accused the crown princess of poisoning the King. She begged for mercy but her cries went unheard. Alyssa, prayed for a second chance. A second chance to love, to live and to find happiness. After closing her eyes, the only sound she heard was that of the guillotine. However, when she opened her eyes, she found herself back in her room in the Dukedom on her 18th birthday. Now, she must figure out how to make the most of her second chance at life.
An Alpha Born to Forbidden Love
Updated at Apr 2, 2023, 13:59
***The sequel to Alpha's Blinded Mate*** Release Date May 2023 Liana - The second born to Nina and Max, grew up sheltered and loved by everyone she met. However, she felt there was more to discover than she had experienced in her pack life. After gaining her parents' approval, she journeys to the inner city to attend college, where she meets her fated mate. The only problem unknown to her is that her fated mate is the first son of Alpha Cain and Layla of Broken Woods Pack. Dean - A hunter raised to hate all supernatural beings, has become one of the best in the business. As a senior in college, he is taken aback by a beauty he has never experienced before. His attraction goes way beyond lust; however, after further investigation, he realizes she is not human but a werewolf. An unsettling feeling sets inside of him when he places a marker on her head, and he knows he needs his mother's guidance. Once his mother, Layla, sets her sights on Liana, she immediately knows who she is and does what she does best. Manipulate her son Dean into getting the only thing she has wanted for over two decades. Revenge. How will their love flourish when it is so deeply rooted in hatred and revenge?
Alpha's Blinded Mate
Updated at Mar 6, 2022, 18:15
***Trigger Warning*** This book is Rated R and contains acts of self-harm, SA, and violence throughout. Nina is an orphaned she-wolf who was blinded after she was born. She has been secluded from the entire pack her whole life due to her adopted parents (her Aunt and Uncle). Her mother and father died protecting her on her 10th birthday leaving her to be adopted by her abusive aunt and uncle. From the age of ten, she would have to fend for herself in order to survive. As her 18th birthday was approaching she became excited about finding her mate because she then would have someone who would take her away from all of the torture and nightmares or so she thought. Max most call him is the young Alpha to the Red Moon pack. Known for his playboy ways which is why no one ever thought he would ever find his mate and if so she would certainly reject him. Max was always drawn to Nina but had no idea why. She was handicapped, bothersome, weak but absolutely gorgeous. He was not a fan of the weak because of his belief that every wolf possessed the power to overcome. He was stern, strong, sexy, and known for his cold demeanor but will his mate be able to change that or will his Beta Don take what's rightfully his? "You have to spread them wider for me to play with it properly, little rabbit. Open up for me." she shyly spread her legs, and I began to work. I started with slow circles around her swollen mound. Her hips bucked as she thrashed around. I slowly started picking up the pace. My finger slides up and down her entrance spreading her juices around her flower. "I want to taste you, little rabbit; I want to taste that sweet nectar overflowing. Can I do that? Can I eat that pretty pus** of yours?"