Story By R.A. Cambel

R.A. Cambel

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GenBio Lab is an emerging biotech company in the Philippines, which was established only ten years ago. Despite moral and ethical protests mostly from the Catholic church, the company has continued to advance in the fields of biogenetic and biotech engineering. Eight years into the business, GenBio has already become well-known globally, specifically for successfully growing a fully-functioning liver in their laboratories. In the middle of all these is Enrique Sebastian’s questionable story from rags to riches. The sudden rise of the company and his questionable background has caught not just global recognition, but also the attention of Interpol. For many years, NBI has been stumped and couldn’t identify the missing link in the demand and supply chain of the underground human organ trade originating from the Philippines. When Georgina Angeles was assigned the case, her investigations led her to do undercover and pose as the CEO’s newly-hired Executive Assistant. Will this special agent finally unveil GenBio’s crime, or will she get caught and fall for the CEO’s charm?
My Starry Knight (Love Me Later Book 2)
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Samantha Greene has been so in love with the idea of having the same love story as her parents, Natasha Collins and Ashton Greene. This is why even at an extremely young age, she had been so keen on following and wooing Vincent Mendez, a mixed-Spanish-Irish-American guy who is eighteen years older than her. Being the older guy, Vincent sees his relationship with Samantha as platonic. He has been so protective of her and she has been his deal-breaker whenever he enters a relationship. He is ready to leave any girl who cannot understand Samantha's importance in his life. But things changed just when Samantha turned 21. Vincent, now 39 suddenly has a fixation over older, accomplished women. And for the first time in their lives, Vincent opted not to leave a woman for Samantha. She was crushed. Her world crumbles down. But she won't give up. She has invested all of her life for the man of her dreams and she is ready to risk everything just to have his knight back! But can Samantha also risk losing Vincent's trust when she lures and traps him into an arranged marriage with her?
Love Me Later
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Natasha Collins remembers knowing Ashton Greene since she was three. Everything was fine between them until she developed a crush on him at sixteen. Confused with her growing admiration, she confessed to Ashton. And she even tried to seal the confession with a kiss. But the 28-year-old Ashton Greene is considered a family friend and he has always known Natasha from the day she was born. He is fond of her, he adores her, and he cares for her, but only as a niece. That is why he felt nothing but disappointment when he heard the 16-year-old Natasha's confession of young love. With their twelve-year age gap, it is natural for Ashton to turn Natasha down. However, the hurt and embarrassment she felt made her slowly drift away. But what will happen when fate brings them back together six years later?