Vampire Morsels


Joleene Naylor Paranormal Urban

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Hungry for vampire fiction that goes deeper than the usual maniacal laugh? In these seventeen morsels, you’ll discover a myriad of vampires: some are cruel, some are kind, and some just want a quiet evening. Among the offerings you’ll meet:
Claudius: A fresh vampire, Claude has only one thing on his mind: revenge. With the help of his new coven, he’ll make his father pay.
Kariss: When tending her mother’s death bed, even vampirism can’t heal Kariss’ broken heart.
Ashton: Looking for thrills to cope with family tragedy, Ashton falls in with a gang of vampires, but he’s about to discover the ultimate high: pure terror.
Kateesha: When Kateesha and her partner are sent to apprehend a rogue coven, things go awry and carry terrible consequences.
Benjamin: Settled in for a comfy evening, he’s surprised to discover it’s the weekly poker night, complete with some new “friends”.
And more! Enjoy seventeen short bites from the world of Amaranthine - a perfect appetizer for those new to the universe, or a dark dessert for readers familiar with the world.

Vampire Morsels is created by Joleene Naylor, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


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Chapter 60: Herrick, Part 3

Benjamin's motel was at the far end of town, not that it was much of a town. Herrick had come there following Caroline's family; she was barely a baby then. He'd been more than a little surprised to find a local concentration of his own kind. Perhaps they unconsciously drew together, even while their conscious mind cried for solitude.