Love Me Like a Rock


Cindy Spencer Pape Steamy Stories

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Six romance stories hot enough to melt the hardest stone.

Between a Rock and a Hard Dragon
What happens when you mix a half-dragon, a pixie and a little sex magic in a wooded park on Halloween? Neither Bram nor Twyla have any idea but when it all comes together the magic explodes in a frenzy of hot sex and sizzling romance.

Stone and Earth
Gargoyle Damien St. Pierre has to find an ancient artifact needed by his people. When he meets earth witch Katie Calhoun, he can't keep his hands off her. Katie is determined to help him in his quest and to become the gargoyle of his dreams.

Three for All
In her six hundred years, elven reporter Eislinn has had two great loves in her life—paranormal police officer Callum, another elf, and Lothan, a demon enforcer. One hot summer night the three of them come together and Philadelphia practically explodes with the passion.

Stone and Fire
When half-dragon Dana Logan meets gargoyle Beau Dumont at her friend’s wedding, something clicks between them. Halfway through the most passion-filled night of their lives, his phone rings and he rushes home to Montreal. Several months later, they’re in England to catch a ring of antiques smugglers. The sex between them is explosive and they’re falling in love as well.

Stone and Sea
Sent to Atlantic City to retrieve an ancient artifact vital to the future of his clan, gargoyle Remy Rocher meets sexy selkie Marina Bell and ends up getting shot for his efforts.

Stone and Sky
Marc Armel is a gargoyle under pressure. It’s up to him to find the fourth and final artifact necessary to save his race. When he goes off to think, what does he find instead but a gorgeous harpy, washed up on his beach in a tattered evening dress, no luggage and no memory. While Marc is determined to come through for his clan, he’s even more set on saving Aldara.

Love Me Like a Rock is created by Cindy Spencer Pape, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: possessivesexweredragonbxgcity
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Chapter 110

Three weeks later, Aldara stood beside Marc in front of her new in-laws, and the elderly soothsayer Lady Helene - the three gargoyles who made up the Council who ran the clan. She and Marc had returned from their two-week honeymoon at his island retreat, and she was settling in to her new job as a music teacher at the clan's small private……


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