Empire of Blood

Suzy Daye Romance

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When Milan Mancini found out the truth behind her family's riches, she was cast out by her very own father. With nothing in her hands and no where to go, she found herself residing in an infamous refuge for abandoned women. Years later, that infamous refuge became a world renowned company responsible for the heroine team; Agents of Virtue.

However just as everything was going her way, one mistake leads her back home to her father and in a contract marriage with Leonidas Alexiou, the leader of the world's biggest crime syndicate.

The two have an unspoken enmity between them and both swear to take each other down. However, the heart does not choose who to fall for and the two must work on completing their missions while trying to keep their feelings at bay.

Book #1 in the "Damned Ties" series.


Tags: BillionaireContract MarriageLove after MarriageDominantKickass HeroineBillionairessTycoonDramaGirlpowerContestBxG
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Milan ran to her friend's side the moment Alfonso left to see Andiamo out. Leon briefly watched the exchange between the two friends before he too followed Alfonso, leaving the two girls in their own company.

"Leilani," Milan hesitantly called out to her friend softy, afraid that if she spoke too loud she would break her friend. <……