Theresa Oliver Fantasy

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Seth Roberts is a typical teenager, that is, until his mother sends him to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, to visit his Great Uncle Herman. In St. John’s, Seth discovers that Herman is a wizard, in fact, the son of Merlin himself. Soon, Herman asks Seth if he would like to go on an adventure and he quickly agrees. With the help of a strange medallion, Herman sends Seth back in time to the year 1128 A.D. to Cambria, a village founded by Tristan, one of the Knights of Author’s Round Table. In Cambria, he discovers his true potential, family secrets, and love. Seth soon finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime as he races to save Briana, the queen of Cambia, and Cambria itself.
Cambria is created by Sophie Slade, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: time-travelwitch/wizardqueen
Latest Updated
Chapter 157: Epilogue, Part 2

Lisa snickered, covering her mouth with her hand to hide it.

"Hey, now!" Craig objected. "I was the brains of the bunch, remember?"

Everyone laughed.

"Hey, because of Lynessa and me, we won the battle!" Craig interjected as everyone laughed harder. "Well, it's true!" The more he defended himself, the funnier it got.



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