The Royal Witch


Sylvaine 8 Fantasy

3400 reads

Book 2 - The Royal Flower (PTR, completed)
Book 3 - The Royal Wolf and Hades' Daughter (PTR, completed)
Book 4 - Firebird (free, completed) - You can read this free book to check if you will enjoy my writing style.
(each can also be read as a standalone)

A spoiled princess. A stablehand. A handsome prince who is used to getting what he wants. None of them will end up where each started, as each goes through tests in character.
In Kingspell, some rules do not get questioned:

Witches are evil and must be burnt,
Women can never take the throne
Mortal men take the crown and scepter
A Vessel Princess is just a pawn.

But, Soraya, in the enchanted cabin, finds
A young stablehand with power
She just might change her heart and mind
Before the final hour.

...and take everything: magic, love and the throne.

Mogochislenia. The patriarchal continent is about to feel a power shift, as King Dante tries to find a husband for her daughter. Women have no right to rule as monarchs. So, they must be wed to someone with a high enough rank.

Kingspell, Dante’s domain, is the highest kingdom of the land. The handsome Prince Killian of Swordsmith is charming enough to tempt Princess Soraya. Still, she is unsure whether he is enchanted by her beauty or the promise of absolute power. Things get more complicated when she meets Adrian, the stablehand, in a mysterious cabin that seems to be hidden from non-witches. It makes her question her legacy. Is she a witch? Witches are burnt, and women have no power. Could she turn her destiny around to take over the throne and still keep the love of her life?

*This title is a slow-burn romance that explores the intertwined fates of Soraya and Adrian. It goes from sweet to steamy, with some violence.


Tags: revengekickass heroinewitch/wizardroyalty/noblebxgkickingmedievalsword-and-sorceryfirst loveweak to strong
Latest Updated
Epilogue - The Future Beckons

More than ten years had passed. Samuel looked on through his windowsill. He had a dissatisfied look on his face as he contemplated what would come next. His father was still strong but had already been considering passing the crown to him. Soon, Samuel would be leaving Queenspell to rule Shadowcreek.

It would be both a homecoming and a ch……


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