Moth to Flame

Dreamquill Romance

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Ethan Sodero is the arrogant Capo Famiglia of the Camorra crime syndicate. He works hard and plays harder. There's no room for love or close ties in his world. Mia Watson is in desperate need of a job after finishing college. She has lived a sheltered but tragic life. On a whim, she accompanies her brother to club HADES. Her life is forever changed when she comes face to face with the most ruthless and arrogant man she could ever imagine.


Tags: DarkKarma/DestinyOpposites AttractArrogantGoodgirlMafiaSecretaryDramaTwistedBxG
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"Stupid ass motherfucking bitch! She put her fucking hands on my wife! I'm going to kill the bitch!"

Lorenzo and I were having lunch at my Penthouse. We'd had one of our men pick up food from one of my favorite Italian restaurants. They made the best Insalata al Capriccio this side of Italy. It was also on……