Fire & Vice: Bound by Blood


Nikita Slater Romance

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“You have always been worth my life. If you kill me now, I will follow you around in death as I would in life, until you decide to join me.”


Russian mafia enforcer Boris Grekov knew the moment he set eyes on her that she would belong to him. If he had a lifetime he would spend it convincing her that they were inseparable. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time. Exiled from Russia for more than a decade with a bounty on his head, he must now go back to reclaim his throne. He wants his woman at his side, whether she agrees to go or not.


Born and raised an assassin, she must complete her job or lose the one thing she holds most dear. But every time she turns around he is right there, pursuing her, touching her, making her feel after a lifetime of emptiness. She will fight him with every breath in her body, because she cannot fall in love with the man she must ultimately murder.

Fire & Vice: Bound by Blood is created by Nikita Slater, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: darkmafiaenemies to lovers
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Chapter 50

"Okay, now what's that in my face?" Addison complained with a startled laugh.

Jin giggled evilly, holding up the kitten Boris had given her for her birthday, its fuzzy calico tail swishing in Addison's face. Addison took the kitten from the girl, placed it gently on a footstool and then tickled the girl until she was screaming and l……


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