Driven Hearts: Capturing Victory


Nikita Slater Romance

143 reads

Trapped, taken and caged by a cruel captor.
Her solitary existence as a world class hacker changes in the blink of an eye when she's kidnapped by an international arms dealer. Everything she knows, everything she understands has shifted. Ivan Vogel insists that she is now his slave. He plays terrible mind games while torturing her senses. He keeps her locked up, away from all her toys.
But once she is free, once she can fly again, she will reign hatred down on her enemy. She will use everything she knows against him, everything she has been taught until she is victorious.
She will rip out the heart he insists beats only for her. His obsession will be his downfall. His caged bird will make sure of it.
This book is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!

Driven Hearts: Capturing Victory is created by Nikita Slater, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: darkkidnapenemies to lovers
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Chapter 53

Jaya closed the book and set it on the table next to her lounge chair, her hand lingering for a moment. The dark, wild and tragic tale of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff still called to her even after she'd finished the story. A shiver of appreciation ran down her spine and she closed her eyes on a sigh. This was her second time through……


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