Fire & Vice: Burning Beauty


Nikita Slater Romance

601 reads

Loving the man is easy, loving the mob boss is the most terrifying thing Maria has ever done.

Five years ago, Maria was happy until the unexpected and violent death of her fiancé shattered her world. Now she’s on the run and afraid for her life. Just as she starts to believe she’s safe, she meets Niccolo DeLuca and finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of black.

Through a legacy of brutality and blood, Nic carved a place for himself among the fiercest mobsters in Italy. Now, in America, unhindered by the old Sicilian code, his unique brand of terror makes him the brutal king of his criminal underworld.

His enemies make a very big mistake when they decide to use the beautiful Latina against him. Nic will take the woman and wreak bloody vengeance on everything in his path.

Fire & Vice: Burning Beauty is created by Nikita Slater, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: revengedarkkidnapbadboymafiadramatwistedbxgcity
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Chapter 33

Maria wrinkled her nose at the stale, unwashed clothing smell coming from Cassandra's room as she pushed the door open. She'd bullied Yara into allowing her to bring the supper tray upstairs. She shoved her way past the door and into the darkened bedroom, placing the tray on a side table as quickly as she could. It was quite heavy, since Maria h……


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