Less Money, More Love


April McQueen Realistic Urban

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Rachel is a wealthy young woman who wants to escape her domineering father and an arranged marriage that can only lead her to a life without happiness. Deciding to escape to a small English town, she has to learn how to make a living on her own, while having to deal with a man who challenges her to learn about life… and love.


“She could not escape how Arthur was making her feel. It was new, but sensual. Although they were at the bar, they were both focused on each other; the entire world seemed to disappear from view.

Arthur’s glance was locked in at her lips. It was a different way for him to relate to Rachel, but she seemed open to his physical closeness and sexual advances. Was it possible to have intimacy in a bar full of people?

It felt like a magnet was drawing them together, closer and closer, until both found themselves leaning in for a kiss.”

Less Money, More Love is created by April McQueen, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: billionaireopposites attractfriends to loverskickass heroineheir/heiressdramabxgsmall town
Latest Updated
Chapter 50: Happily Ever After

Rachel decided to work a double shift on the day Arthur was due back in Clovelly after the test. She did not want it to seem like she was sitting around pining for him. She did not want it to seem like she didn't care one way or the other, either. Plus, working in the bakery all day would keep her mind occupied.

What Rachel did……


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