The Devil's Disguise


JAmersy Suspense/Thriller

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I rushed inside the room, my heart hammering in my chest, my eyes full of tears. I had barely closed and locked the door, when it vibrated with a loud bang. A scream left my lips, and I shuffled away, my eyes wide in horror.

"Stay out!" I yelled desperately, feeling my legs tremble with fear. There were beads of sweat rolling down my back, and my body was as disheveled as my mind. Why was he doing this again?

"Open the door, Lara!" he growled from the other side, making me flinch and whimper. He banged on it again, making me back away further. "Open up, open up, open the door. Open the door. Open the door. Open the door. Open the door, Lara!" he shouted, before going silent for a second. I then heard him laugh, the sound making my blood run cold. "I promise, I'm not gonna hurt you... you're my beautiful little wife... how can I ever hurt you, Lara?" he sang.

A cry left my lips, and I covered my mouth, as his voice sent a shiver through me. This wasn't him. This wasn't the man I had fell in love with. This wasn't my Rafael, the man who opened doors for me, who kissed my hand whenever we met, who promised to protect me forever.

Why was he acting this way?

I couldn't even recognize him. His eyes, the ones I could lose my world in, had looked so uncanny and vicious--like a monster's.
- -
Rafael Knight is the most eligible bachelor in Sky City. At the mere age of 26, he's the owner of RK Aerospace, the largest aircraft manufacturing company in the entire country. He is not only a billionaire, but a genius and a gentleman, his eccentric personality and grey eyes making girls swoon at the sight of him. Having rejected proposals from the prettiest and richest girls from all around the country, people are starting to wonder if the Knight family line will end with him.

Lara Dames is a compassionate and confident girl. Her only fault is, she belongs to the lower middle class, which leaves her working three jobs at the same time, while taking care of her sick mother. When her mother is diagnosed with an early stage of cancer, which can be cured, but would need a large sum of money, Lara is left distraught, and desperate. It lands her in the arms of the very billionaire she never dreamed of meeting, and like every other girl, she is instantly left mesmerized by his charms and good-looks.

So when this billionaire offers her a job, as well as money for her mother's treatment, Lara finds herself slowly falling for him, and very soon, she's standing at the altar, as his bride. But little does she know, the billionaire is hiding a dark secret behind the walls of his mansion, and becoming his wife, she has ended herself right into the beast's den. Rafael is not what he seems, and her heart is not the only thing she'd lose to him.

A charming gentleman during the day, turns into someone malicious as soon as darkness falls. And the only one who can cure him, is her. That is, if she lives long enough to.

Billionaire Romantic Suspense Writing Contest


Tags: darksexdominantmanipulativeCEObeastbxgliessecretsStary Writing Academy III
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Warning: This book is rated Mature because of triggering content including assault, graphic violence, emotional and physical torture, as well as a lot of emotional manipulation.

This novel is dark, and very different from the kind of light-hearted romances I normally write.

The characters in t……


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