Trapped In Life


Mia Mina McDonald Suspense/Thriller

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Ten years ago, Anara was the actress all directors wanted to direct, all men wanted to bed, and all women wanted to be. Then she died. The blonde screen goddess only remembered the world going black.

When she opened her eyes, two EMTs were working furiously to bring her back to life while someone in the background was yelling about how this could happen.

"That's it Kait, fight girl, show death it's not your time yet."

"Excuse me, sir. We need to get her to the hospital." It wasn't long before the world went black again. Did she dream it? Did that unknown man call her Kait? Why would he? What happened to her? Who was to blame? What happened to her?

Days later, she awoke in the hospital with a young doctor checking her vitals. "Ah, you're awake. Several people will be most happy to hear that news. I'm going to keep you overnight for observation. I've told your director that she will just have to work around you for the rest of the week. Now, Miss Dupre, do you remember what happened?"

"No," she said honestly. "Wait, what did you call me?"

"Miss Dupre," the doctor said with a tone of concern. "Do you remember your first name?"

She thought a moment what was he playing at? Her name was Anara Rose Praxon.
She moved her hand up to run through her hair and found a bandage.

He started checking her eyes again. "It's ok Miss Dupre," he said looking in her eyes. "Your head was hit pretty hard. Some short-term amnesia is not completely unexpected. You rest. I'll keep the wolves at bay." He left her there with her thoughts.

Anara looked to the bedside table where what she took to be the current day's newspaper. She looked at the headlines, then glanced at the date, Blinking as she felt panic filling her mind, it was all she could do to keep from screaming.

Somehow trapped in Kaitlyn Rose Dupre's body, Anara must find out what ties the two of them together and what caused both of their deaths. Can she do so before the killer or killers come after Kait to finish the job?

©2021 Works of fiction have no real people in them. All written content of my stories is my intellectual property thus covered under copyright laws.  All rights reserved. Do not use without permission or steal.


Tags: murderdarklove-trianglesecond chanceconfidentbxgmysteryrealistic earthfirst loveactress
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I wondered if he actually believed me. I shook my head as I said “I don’t know. Death said we were both murdered, but something went wrong with my death. I wasn’t allowed to move on. Kaitlyn was. Now I’ve been put in Kait’s body. Somehow I have to make it work…”

“Well, you have that right!” he said anger finally spilling out in his voice.……


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