Moonlight Rogue

Maria Warren Vampire/Werewolf

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~He scoffed. “She’s not my princess. She’s just obsessed with me, she’s not the type of woman I want.” He grazed my leg with his and I held back a curse. “Did she do that to you?” He frowned as he studied the ragged hole in my leg. “You really need this taken care of. It’s dangerous to leave it like this.”

“We’re stuck at the moment, what do you propose we do?” I demanded. “There’s nothing up here to heal myself with.”

He turned and faced me again. “Well, there’s one thing.” I stared at him as I tried to understand his words. “If we mate, it could heal you.”~

Morgan is a rogue werewolf bent on going out and rescuing others so they don't suffer the same life she once had. She rescues abused women and children from cruel and heartless alphas and escapes to see another day.

A girl stumbles onto her and begs for help, but the girl isn't from just any werewolf pack, but the largest in the land. Morgan will have to use her wits and skills and everything else she has honed over the years to take this alpha down.

Luckily, she has the help of someone she snares in one of her traps. Problems arise as she starts to fall for him, which is a sin in her books. She didn’t deserve love, not after what she’d done in the past.


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Chapter Forty-Four: Epilogue

Emma was running around with the other kids when we arrived at the pack. The women looked up as I approached fear flashing in their eyes. It took me a moment to realize they were afraid of my companions. 

"We don't want any trouble," one whispered with her hands held up as she came toward us.

"These two won……