4. Mate

1452 Words
EverLeighs POV I was sitting alone in my room changing for my party while mine and Damon’s moms set it up. I still hadn’t seen Damon, so I figured he had gone back home. Do I have the effect that the boys I want to stay all leave and boys I can't stand seem to stick around until a hot king orders them away? I shook my head, I do not think Damon Ariss is hot. I took my hair out of the messy braids and curled my hair, putting on light make-up. I put on a tight black skirt with a white top and my silver vans. Once I was ready and I could hear the house filling with the pack, I made my way down the stairs. “There’s the birthday girl,” Jenny yelled. She pulled me down the last two stairs and into a hug. “Happy birthday,” she says. “Thanks Jen,” I smiled and was pulled away from her. There was a hot hand on my wrist and I wasn’t sure who it was until he had pulled me away from the crowd. When we had stopped, we were on the front porch and I was looking up at a very tall, very angry Sam. “What are you doing here?” I asked, looking around to see if anyone else was out front. A part of me was scared, Damon gave him a king ruling. But then again, Damon wasn't around to enforce that ruling. “I needed to come and see if you were my mate,” he says, sounding pissed off. I had seen him pissed before but right now I thought he might shift in front of me, he was so angry. “Um Sam, the king told you to stay away,” was all I could say. I felt my heart rate pick up. I wasn't sure why I was so scared right now. It's not like Sam would try anything, he wasn't that stupid. Was he? “I wish I had listened,” he says, annoyed. Now I am confused, he didn't stay away like he was ordered to, but now he's upset. He didn't? “Why?” I asked. Why did I ask? I didn't even want the answer, I didn't actually care. “Because if I had stayed away then I wouldn’t know we aren’t mates,” he says . “ Didn’t the king tell you we weren’t ?” I asked. I felt myself getting frustrated, the king already told him we weren't mates and somehow he was shocked. “Just because some guy says we aren’t doesn’t mean it to be true,” he growls. “Well, obviously it was true,” I turned to head back into the house. Sam grabbed my wrist and held it tight. “Ow Sam,” I winced. “You’re hurting me,” His eyes were angry and his grip got tighter. I swallowed hard, trying not to cry. “You’re mine,” he growled and forced me into a kiss. I tried to push him off but he had both my wrists as he squeezed them. I felt the tears running down my face as he kept kissing me and tried to force his tongue into my mouth. That was until he was suddenly not touching me and I hit the ground. I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up to see King Damon beating Sam to a pulp. Sam tried to fight back but Damon was bigger, faster and stronger. I screamed at them to stop but it was like they couldn't hear. Scared of what I was witnessing, I began to cry harder and then the front door opened and Tyrell and my father came out. They both ran towards Damon to pull him off of Sam. It took both their strengths to do it. Suddenly, Jens' arms were around me and I could see a very pissed off Damon out of the corner of my eye. His eyes were so red you'd think the devil took over, but it was just the eyes of an alpha king. Damon came running towards me, which scared me more. He picked me up bridal style, taking me away from Jen and the party. He took me straight up the stairs and into his guest room here at the house. When I stopped to think for a moment, I smelled it again, the sandalwood and cedar. It was Damon, it was his scent. I breathed it in, calming my nerves as he sat with me on the bed. After a moment of taking in his scent, I remembered the front yard scene and scrambled off the bed, getting away from him. He looked hurt as I tried to get away from him, “I didn’t mean to scare you Princess,” he says with sadness. “W-why did you beat him like that?” I asked. “He disobeyed his king's orders, he should be dead,” Damon says, trying to walk towards me, but I backed up. “But why beat him so publicly?” I asked. “Because he was touching what is mine,” he sighs and I looked at him confused. “You’re telling me my scent isn’t overwhelming to you?” He asks. I looked at him still confused, “I mean yes it is, but that’s just my senses heightening,” I said. He smiled a bit, “ Do you know you smell like Christmas,” he moved closer, causing me to back up fast, hitting the wall and my head on it. A moment after my head hit the wall, everything went black. Damon’s POV I sighed, grabbing her before she could hit the floor as she fell unconscious. I carried her to the bed, placing her softly on my pillows. I looked at her precious limp body and then exited the room. I walked downstairs to see our parents had gotten rid of the pack and Sam was lying on the couch. It took all my self control to not kill him right then and there. “Son, we need to speak in the office,” he said, pulling me towards the office where King Mason was sitting at his desk. “King Damon,” King Mason stood as I walked in. “King Mason,” I addressed him. “What can I do for y’all?” I asked them. “You can start by telling me why the hell you beat the district Alpha,” my father yelled. “Father, what is the law of the king's orders?” I asked him. “Kings orders are obeyed and if they aren’t said, a person is put to death,” my father says. “Exactly, Sam disobeyed serval orders,” I tell them. “What orders would those have been?” King Mason asked me. “I ordered him to not be within 100 feet of the princess, broken. To not speak to her, broken. And lastly, to not attend her party, also broken,” I say very nonchalantly. “Then you put him to death properly, not beat him in front of his pack,” my father yells. “I will say my wolf wasn’t controlled when I saw what he was doing to Princess EverLeigh,” I said, anger rising in my voice. “And what was he doing to my daughter?” King Mason asked. “I heard them before I got to the house, she told him he was hurting her and then I heard her heart beat pick up. I didn’t hear the crying until I got there and saw the tears as he forced his lips to hers,” I said as I balled my hands into fist. “Now I know why I would’ve been pissed had I seen him doing that to my daughter, but why must it bother you so much?” King Mason asks me. “Because he was touching what is mine,” I yelled and I could tell my eyes were glowing red. I watched as both my father and King Mason stepped back, not wanting to aggravate my wolf anymore than he already was. “I’m sorry Damon, but how is Miss EverLeigh yours?” My father asked. “She is my mate,” I smiled, and both my father and King Mason looked at me shocked. I was proud as the words rolled off my tongue that princess Everleigh was mine. I tried to leave but now I couldn't. She knew I was her mate and I wasn't going anywhere unless she rejected me.
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