The departure felt so familiar

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She loved him in places nobody ever reached. She loved his scarred soul and damaged heart. Only if love was merely a dream, she would never wake up from the slumber he put her in. Haze. Harley As I placed the lime water and Tacos on the tray, I felt my hands shivering. I was shivering. Was it merely a coincidence or something I couldn't put finger on. He was Nick. The same name I used to get Samuel off. My fingers reached the locket resting over my neck. The beauty of the moon was getting me off guard. The moon looked so real, so beautiful but so menacing at the same time. It looked blood-thirsty and the thought itself trembled me.  "Harley!" I squealed when Sasha turned me around abruptly.  "Can you please serve the food to those men?" I asked hurriedly while my fingers were messing around the locket.  "Did they-" "Oh gosh! No Sasha, they didn't do anything. I just don't feel right." Her eyes widened in panic making me smile at her in assurance. I was okay. I needed to be okay. "You should take a day off, sweetie. It wouldn't really affect." I shook my head politely making her sigh. She took the tray from my hand and walked towards the private booth making me breathe in relief. My eyes shifted towards the glass door only to find him staring right at me. The food was resting over the table and his attention was on me making me turn my head immediately. I quickly walked towards the new customer who walked in. I needed a distraction. I was busy serving the customers, picking their used utensils when Samuel suddenly grabbed my waist making me tense. I could feel his breath over my neck making me breathe harshly. My palms were twitching to slap the disgusting smirk off his face. "You shouldn't be working so much, my dear Harley." I closed my eyes and pushed him off me.  "Just stop touching me, Samuel or else I'll report to the cops." I threatened glaring at him. Few customers were looking at our drama making me curse under my breath. I quickly walked over the counter only to have him on my tail.  "We are above the food chain, my Harley. You know this very well." He challenged making me sigh. Of course, the last time I reported against him, he was out in an hour. He was indeed a powerful man.  I ignored him as I started wiping the counter only to make him lean over it. "Your fierce attitude only increases my craving. You're a wild cat." I breathed out heavily. He was getting over my nerves.  "Miss Harley." I sighed in relief as I saw Nick heading towards me. His voice was soft but his eyes were cold and I could feel the aura around him getting dark and tense. There was something about him that differentiated him from others. I thought the anger was directed towards me until his eyes shifted towards Samuel. He was towering over him making Samuel swallow nervously. It was so hilarious to watch him getting intimidated by Nick.  "Thank you for the meal, Miss Harley." He said, his expressions softening a bit. His hand reached to grab the tip of my fingers and bringing it closer to his lips making my eyes widen in shock. His touch felt so familiar. I never flinched from him when his lips connected to the back of my palm. He left my arm once they were resting over the counter safely. I felt butterflies in my stomach as he looked deep in my eyes. I felt my cheeks heat up under his stare. He made me feel things I never felt in my whole damn life. His attention then shifted to Samuel again and this time he didn't even hide his distaste towards him. He glared at him with his so cold and menacing eyes almost making me bow in submission. His fingers were rubbing against each other, an odd trait I found about him.  "You should stop bothering women who aren't interested in you, boy. If you understand what's good for you." His voice was calm yet lurked with danger. It would be safe to say that he threatened Samuel on his very land. He audibly gulped when Nick rose his brow in question. Samuel laughed nervously trying to act it cool though he was sacred, petrified.  "You got things wrong, Mr Keres. We just had a fight though we are very close." My lips pulled in a frown at his words. Close? We were close? I turned my head towards Nick who had his gaze over me, swallowing my whole existence in his silver orbs, that were lurking with menace. I shook my head in denial. I felt a deep urge to let him know about my distaste regarding Samuel. Though he needed no explanation but I wanted to give him one. I felt he deserved one. "You are delusional then, Mr Hemsworth. And trust me you don't want me to show you the reality." Samuel flinched at his sharp tone. He wasn't suggesting anything but ordering Samuel in an indirect way.  Samuel reached forward and kept his hand over Nick's shoulder trying to ease the situation. But on contrary Nick's nose flared in anger as his eyes flashed dangerously making Samuel retreat his hand shakily. Out of nowhere two mean reached forward and handed Nick a tissue paper. They must be his bodyguards or something cause they had their heads bowed. He snatched the tissue paper and wiped the suit from where Samuel had touched. Samuel was more scared than insulted. If only Nick wouldn't had been this intimidating, I would've laughed at the constipated look on Samuel's face.  "Keep your hands to yourself, cause you won't be able to tolerate my hands over you, boy." His aura was intensifying. The customers were sitting awfully quiet. Mr Hemsworth was witnessing his son getting insulted and threatened under his own nose yet he stood there shamefully quiet. I felt bad for Samuel. Even though he was indeed a shitty person but he didn't deserve the public humiliation. But again, karma is a b***h! "I am sorry, Mr Keres." Nick snorted as he turned towards me making me swallow nervously. His eyes went soft as he took in my scared frame. He sighed softly as he leaned over the counter increasing my heartbeats.  "You don't have to be scared, my Fidelia." He whispered. I gasped as he again said my middle name. And nobody knows it. Or maybe I heard it wrong, again. Though I didn't ask him due to the severity of the situation. He nodded his head to his men as he took the folder from Nick's hand. They were leaving. Nick was leaving and I felt similar heartache in my chest. I subconsciously rubbed my fist against my chest to get rid of the pain. This pain felt familiar. This departure felt familiar. He felt familiar. Mr Hemsworth was glaring at me but he didn't say anything. He called Samuel in his office while the Diner went to its cheerful vibe again. I sighed in relief whereas Sasha was beaming widely. I raised my eyebrows making her smile even wider.  "I am so happy, Harley. Finally there is someone who actually showed the brat his place." I laughed at her, nodding in agreement. Though Nick was scary but I felt happy for him standing up against him.  "Yes and I never saw Samuel intimidated before. Damn it, he might have shitted his pants even." I said chuckling. It was hilarious.  The rest of the day went peacefully without any assault of Samuel. As I walked home I stopped by the Dairy to get some milk and bread. When I reached home I found Sage over the couch, flipping channels. Food was placed over the dining table covered. I smiled as I kicked my shoes off and sat beside her.  "Welcome back, Ley." I smiled warmly at her. She was already in her sweats. She turned towards me cheerfully. "I made you dinner." I nodded looking at the dining table.  "Well, thank you so much, my little angel. But why this treat?" I asked amused. Sage cooks rarely. Well mostly when she wants me to agree to her bizarre plans.  "Why, can't I help my sister in her work?" I rose my eyebrows while she dragged me to the dining table by her hands.  "Geez. Okay. I'm coming."  "I made your favorite." She grinned as she served me Mac and Cheese. Of course.  It tasted heavenly, specially after a long tiring day. Doesn't really matter why she cooked today but I was grateful to her. Cooking after coming from work tires me even more and I couldn't help but be thankful.  "Thank you so much, for this amazing dinner, Sage." I said with a warm smile. She quickly stood up on her feet as she rushed to kitchen while I sat there confused. She came back with a plate filled with four muffins. I looked at her astonished. Well, this dinner will cost me something, I was sure about. She shyly looked away when I looked at her impressed.  The muffins were delicious. She looked at me with admiration. I furrowed my eyebrows at her weird behavior. She never really behaved this odd.  "What's the matter, Sage?"  She shook her head as she bit in her muffin.  "I just wanted to make you feel special, you know?" I nodded my head indicating her to continue making her sigh. "You know Violet, right?" I nodded my again in answer as she continued.  "She lives with her sister and boyfriend. And today I saw how badly they treat her. You never spoke rudely or said any hurtful word even after my biggest mistakes. You never scolded me for any pranks I did on you, never raised a hand on me. You have always been a mother to me, Ley. You make me feel so special every single day. So, I thought of doing the same." I laughed at her though tears were pooling in my eyes. Indeed Sage was like my own baby. She's more than a sister to me. "Of course, silly. You don't have to prove anything, sweetheart. I know how much you love me and so do you, right?" She nodded her head as she hugged me. I embraced her closer.  She pushed herself away from me when she removed some cash from her pocket and kept it on my hand making me raise my eyebrows.  "You gave me this in the morning."  "So, these are yours. I don't need this cash, Sage." She shook her head as she pushed the money back in my hand.  "I know how much you work hard, Ley. You never allow me to work and I understand how much we need to save." I never realized she was this mature. I smirked as I pat her head.  "My baby is all grown up." She scrunched her nose while I laughed at her.  My mother loved reading. When I was young she would always read to me. I remember my mother sitting with a pile of books around her. Half of her room was occupied by books. There were books in shelves, cabinets, table and even on the floor. She would sit on the window with me on her laps and would read me until I slept. Children my age used to watch cartoons, televisions while I read and listened. Reading was purely sacred to me and still is to me. Just another memory of my mother. She would gift us books on every occasions. She had quotes and poetry's printouts everywhere on her walls. My father whereas never read, he was more of a movie person but he always left us to read cause according to him, his daughters must be like their mother.  I wiped a stray tear that left my left eye. I smiled at the memory. Surely we don't have much pictures of us together but those memories that I'd always cherish. How much I try, I'll never be a mother to Sage, especially a mother she deserves. I don't know if I'm even a deserving sister to her. My eyes shifted to the locket on my neck that glowed in darkness. It's red lucid color was so prominent that it was eating away all the darkness. I sighed as I held the moon between my fingers and closed my eyes. The tingles that spread through my body were now calming me down, slowly helping me to slip in darkness.  I woke up when the alarm rang. After all my business, I walked downstairs and started to make waffles. Sage had always loved them. It was Sunday so she had a break while I still had to go to the work. With her wish to study in good university, I'll have to arrange money and work hard. Sage was still sleeping. So I left her breakfast on table with a note.  I'll try to come early so that we could go to the ice cream parlor in the evening, hopefully.  -Ley Sasha was on leave while Brittany was on her weekend shift. We rarely ever talk since she is mostly in her own personal space. I quickly wiped the dust off the tables and chair not wanting to get the Mr. Hemsworth on my nerves. On weekends usually Mr Hemsworth takes the day off allowing his dearest son to take the charge on weekends. And let me tell you, weekends are total tortures. There are more customers than any weekdays and less of workers. With Samuel in charge, he harasses us whole day.  The worst part about the village is that nobody dares to go against the Hemsworths. There aren't much opportunities to get paid here and they can ruin that options too. With their contacts to higher authorities, their harassment has only increased in years making the biggest reason for not allowing Sage to work here. I don't want her to witness the assault I did. I shook my head as Samuel walked in wearing his usual light shirt and pants. He was an average looking guy with worst intentions. He quickly averted his gaze when I looked at him making me shock. It was new that it wasn't me who turned the gaze down.  The customers started coming in with their dates and families. I knew Nick Keres wouldn't be coming everyday yet my eyes would snap to the entrance, every time someone would enter. I scolded myself for thinking about him. My eyes widened as I looked at the time. It was four and I promised to take Sage out on ice cream. I stomped as I'll have to take Samuel's permission to leave early. I took a deep breath and walked towards Mr Hemsworth's office. I knocked on the door twice before entering. He was sitting on the chair with few files in front of him. I was surprised to see him doing actual work and not harassing his employees. Hiding my shocked expressions, I cleared my throat to gain his attention yet he never lifted his eyes.  "I came here to inform you that I'll be leaving now." I bit my tongue at my demanding voice. I had to ask for permission not the vice versa. I was about to change my tone when he spoke still looking into his folders. He was behaving differently making me breathe in relief. At least he wasn't harassing. "Okay. You may leave." My eyes widened at his simple answer. No snarky remark, no flirty comments. What the hell happened to him in one day? My mind wandered to Nick but he couldn't be behind this, right? I left the Diner quickly and walked home. When I entered home, Sage was all ready to go. She had a peach t-shirt and blue denim shorts. I quickly changed in a grey hoodie and dark jeans. I freed my hair from the bun, allowing my red hair to flow freely. We took the bus to the town. There was an ice parlor we go from childhood with our parents. After getting off the bus we took the left turn and saw the Choco Delicious, the ice cream parlor.  "Oh my, the Johnson sisters after so long." Dorothy, the owner said with a smile on her face. She was in her early fifties. She had always been a good friend to my mother. "Yeah, it's been pretty long, Aunt. How have you been?" She smiled as she looked back at her parlor.  "Same old, darling. Same old. Tell me, how have you been holding up?" I smiled warmly at her while Sage sat on the bench.  "We're happy, Aunt." She nodded as she took the pamphlet out.  "The usual or you want to look at the varieties?" She asked motioning towards the pamphlet.  "The usual, of course." Sage said with a giggle making me smile at her.  She brought cookies and cream for Sage while Butter Pecan for me. Dad used to love Butter Pecan and would always order the same for me. As soon as we had our ice creams we bid our goodbyes. We took the bus back to the village. It was dark when we reached the house. She slept as soon as we reached home. I changed my clothes and went under covers after selecting a book to read for the night. I still remember the days after my parents died. Aunt Rosalie took us in but Sage wouldn't stop crying, asking for Mom. Aunt Rosalie was getting irritated by her constant cries. She once entered the room in midnight without knocking demanding to stop her cries since she couldn't sleep. Sage was a kid by then. I sang my first song to her, trying to make her sleep. I gently massaged her hair and hummed the song, trying to soothe her. Slowly she got used to sleep by my side until she grew up. I never thought I was ready to take the role of a mother this early but time, time teaches everything.  I flipped the page reading another paragraph and many more till I felt my energy falling apart. With every word, my shoulders were relaxing. Every word added up to the lullaby of the book, working its magic as I drifted to a dreamless sleep. 
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