Meeting Nick (Again)

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The demons loved too. They loved the heart and soul. And he loved the most purest one, the one with the heart of gold and the soul that can melt any stone. He was the Satan, incapable of being loved and she was a human, finding it difficult not to fall.    Haze.   Harley I opened the window allowing fresh air inside my room. The book was rested on my lap as I looked outside. It was still dark and the villagers were asleep. The clock resting on my desk read 3.23 a.m. Another night spent reading my book, not that I regret but the lack of sleep was really affecting my work now. I sighed as I read another page of the book, I've read number of times. Reading has always kept me away from the world. It helps me to soothe my nerves, like a mother caressing her daughter. Books make me laugh and cry, all at the same time. It isn't a lie that books are best friends to us but for me, books are my listeners, caretakers and my escape.   I remember my mother always reading to me. She had always been a good reader. My father had always wanted me to become like my mother. And now after their death, books have been my company.  I continued reading till my alarm rang. I sighed as I placed the feather amid the pages and closed the book. The dusty smell of the book was now on my palms making me smile slightly. I quickly washed myself and got dressed in white shirt and grey skirt that just reached above my knees. I pulled my red hair in a neat bun. I always hated the uniforms with passion.  I quickly slipped into Sage's room finding her asleep on her bed. I shook her gently making her groan in annoyance. I snatched the blanket away from her face making her sit upright on her bed. "I'm up, Ley." She said sleepily. "You better be up, Sage. Be downstairs in twenty minutes. I'll prepare breakfast by then." She nodded as she stood up using my left arm. She smiled sheepishly as I chuckled.  She was downstairs in half an hour, dressed in a tank top and blue jeans. I placed a plate of hot steaming breakfast along with a glass of milk in front of her. We leave from the house, the same time. She goes to her school, while I go to the Diner. I left my studies when Aunt Rosalie abandoned us. One had to work to support the living, to pay the bills.  I walked around fifteen minutes before I reached the Diner. Our village is too small. There aren't much facilities here but it's still good. There's a Hotel in the nearby town whose owner hasn't shown their in face in years. There are just news of his success and his departure. I shook my head as I walked towards table number nine to get their orders.  It all started when I was eleven and my parents died in a fire. Sage was just five back then. Aunt Rosalie pitied us when she took us in her roof. She never really liked us but she was in debt of my father which she payed back by taking us under her roof for seven years. Once I turned eighteen, she threw us out. Not that I hate her, but never really loved her. She never abused us but we still were a burden. After turning eighteen our parent's house was legally mine.   "I didn't see you coming, Harley." Samuel, the owner's son spoke standing beside me. I swallowed the disgust when his fingers touched my arm. I took a step back as I looked into his eyes with seriousness.  "I am working, Samuel. I don't want your father breathing over my neck for being lazy again." My tone was anything but sweet. He visibly flinched at my harsh tone but quickly covered it up by his sickly sweet smile.  I placed the two hamburger in the tray along with the strawberry milkshake, ready to serve the customer.  "I could always ask Sasha to serve them, darling. I'd like to talk with you, in private." I almost cringed as he took a step forward.  "Just get lost, Samuel. I don't want to have any sort of conversation with you." I said pushing him aside. I placed the order on table number thirteen murmuring a quick 'enjoy your meal'.  As I reached the booth, he again started pestering me. I took a deep breath, trying to calm the anger that was bubbling inside me. Even the thought of him being with me, made me sick.  "What the hell is your problem, Harley? I like you. You should be thankful to me, liking a girl of your class!" That's when I lost it. I turned to look at him with rage burning inside my hazel eyes.  "A girl of my class?" I laughed sarcastically as I poked a finger inside his chest.  "Your father worked under my father. It's just a matter of time, Samuel. And at least, I am independent unlike some ungrateful scum like you, living on their father's money!" His fist clenched as he looked at me in disbelief.  As I was about to leave the counter, he caught my arm and pulled me closer to him making me hiss in protest.  "You like somebody, don't you? I'll get everyone out of the league just to have you and show you, your damn place!" My eyes widened at the amount of rubbish his mouth was uttering. My anger was also knowing no bound.  "f*****g hell! Yes, I am with someone else." I said angering him even more.  "You're lying! Tell me his name." When I kept quiet. He shook me even more.  "Tell me!"  "Leave me, you i***t!"  "Give me the god damn name, Harley!"  "Nick! That's his name. Nick." I realized after I spoke the name. Nick? Why did I say this name? And most importantly, who was Nick? I felt a sheer pain running down my chest, making me wince. I felt my heartbeat rising making me feel weird. Like I knew someone with the same name.  "What the hell is going on here?" Mr Hemsworth, Samuel's father barked making him leave my hand immediately.  "You should stop playing around in your shift, Harley Johnson. You're disturbing others with your little stunt. And you Samuel, in my office. Now." I cursed under my breath as I walked towards the booth. If only I could kill them.  Sasha smiled sympathetically making me wave my hand in air. I checked the next order, placing it neatly over the tray. The rest of the day went quickly with no Samuel around. When I walked home, it was pretty late. Sage was sitting on the couch with her homework, waiting for me. She always kept waiting till I returned back. As soon as I walked in she stood up, beaming widely at me.  "I got selected for the next football match." She said hugging me. I hugged her back tightly making her giggle.  "I am proud of my little girl." I said sitting on the couch. Placing my bag beside me. She gave me a glass of water before doing her homework again.  We made pasta before turning into our rooms to sleep. I closed my door and changed into sweats. As I went to close my wardrobe, my eyes lingered over a neck piece. It had red crescent moon as its pendant. There were charms around it. It looked mesmerizing and so hypnotizing. I couldn't get my eyes off it. I don't remember buying any such jewelry before. But it felt so familiar, like I have seen it before. I took the pendant in my palm only to gasp out loud when I felt a caress on my cheeks. I gulped slowly before holding it again. I felt similar heart ache again.  I quickly put the necklace back and closed my wardrobe. I licked my lips as I opened my book and started to read it again. I felt my heartbeat coming back to normal. I felt at peace as I flipped the page. With every word I realized world was still a better place to live. At least in books, everything ends up being good or peachy. As I reached the last page of the book, I felt my whole body relaxing. My eyes were drooping as I leaned over the window and slipped into darkness.  I woke up when the alarm rang making me shift under my covers. My eyes forced open as I found myself in my bed. I was tucked in while I clearly remember sleeping on my window. I closed my eyes trying to remember when I got on my bed but if was of no use. My fingers reached up my scalp, pulling my hair out of frustration and fear when my fingers got stuck into a locket on my neck. I opened my eyes to find the red crescent moon necklace resting peacefully over my neck. My eyes widened in horror. This was insane and I was turning insane. I rushed towards my wardrobe, throwing all the clothes on the floor in order to find the necklace but it wasn't there. I slapped myself but it wasn't a dream but an insanity. As my fingers touched the moon, I felt electricity passing through my body making me gasp. I tried getting the locket off but I couldn't. The length was too short and the lock got stuck. I tried cutting it but no avail. Defeated, I walked towards the bathroom and took a cold shower. After putting my uniform, I woke up Sage and started preparing the breakfast.  "Boo!" I shrieked out loud while Sage laughed hysterically. Tears were leaking out her eyes while I glared at her. "This wasn't funny, Sage!"  "Oh, it was." She said laughing loudly. I rolled my eyes and turned towards the stove.  I placed our breakfast over the table and took a seat in front of her. My mind was still over the bed and necklace. My head starting hurting, thinking about the incidence. I didn't even realize I zoned out over my food until Sage shook me.  "Harley!"  "I am sorry. What were you saying?"  "Are you okay? You just zoned out." I shook my head and smiled in assurance.  "I am fine, Sage. Just a little headache." She nodded her head as she sipped her milk.  "Why don't you take a day off, Ley? We need you healthy more than we need money." She said with concern lacing her tone. My heart warmed at her concern as I smiled warmly at her. "I am fine, Sage. Just have your breakf-"  "Where the hell did you get this necklace, Ley?" She asked me touching the moon. My anxiety took another level. I knew I never had it, damn it!  "I- I don't remember. I found it in my wardrobe."  "It's really beautiful. Look at the depth of the moon. f*****g beautiful!"  "Sage!" She bit her tongue as she smiled sheepishly at me.  "Forget my language, Ley. Just look at this necklace, it's beaut-" "I get it, Sage. It's beautiful. Now please finish your breakfast. We're getting late." She huffed but started eating. I sighed as I looked at the necklace. Only if she knows, how creepy this necklace is. A bad omen for me. I shook my head as I stood up and washed our dishes.  "I'll be late today, Ley." I raised my eyebrows as she smiled sweetly at me, way too sweetly. "We're having a girls day out after the lectures. I promise, we won't go out of the village. And I also promise I'll be back by seven." I chuckled at her as I opened my bag and took out my purse.  "I get it but be careful, please. And here's some money. Enjoy." I said placing the cash over her palms making her eyes widened.  "You be the best, Ley." She said hugging me while I just laughed and hugged her back.  "I know." I winked at her.  The walk to the Diner was stressful. Firstly, the morning incidents weren't so good and secondly I'd have to face the prick, Samuel. Only if this job wasn't so important to me, he would have known the real Harley. Taking a deep breath I entered the Diner. Sasha was already there, cleaning the tables. She waved at me when she saw me entering the Diner.  "Good morning, Harley."  "Morning, Sasha. Is your son okay, now?" She smiled politely at me as she pushed the duster aside.  "Just a couple more days and they'll discharge him." I nodded my head as I took the duster from her hand. "You should be with him, Sasha."  "My father is with him and I need this job and money to treat him. If you wouldn't have paid the bills, they would've kicked my son out, Harley. You're a real angel." I clicked my tongue as I placed my hand over her shoulder.  "Oh come on, Sasha. We've been friends since a long time now. You don't have to thank me."  Before any of us could've said anything Mr Hemsworth walked out of his office. His eyes narrowed at me making me roll my eyes mentally. Of course, like any legit father, he finds me a gold digger and his son, an innocent angel. Only if he knew, how much I despised his son. Good for nothing, man.  "Stop wasting the time and clean the tables." His eyes were sending daggers at me making me smile innocently at him.  Soon the customers started coming in. Since our village's small, mostly the meetings are held here or the hotel in the town. But since the hotel is quite expensive, they prefer this Diner. "Table number six need two black coffee." I snorted at Sasha as she smiled amusingly at me.  "Why does this business people always prefer black coffee? It tastes awful." I said sticking my tongue out making Sasha laugh silently. "But I prefer sweet coffee with milk, my sweet Harley." I groaned hearing Samuel's voice. Of course, his input was rather necessary. "You're not invited here, Samuel. Go and f**k someone else." I gritted out making him lick his lips.  "I rather not, my fiery cat." "You-" "Excuse me, Mister." I heard a deep voice making me raise my eyes towards the source.  The man was dressed in a black suit. His dark hair were elegantly combed. His silver eyes held me in place. He looked at me, absorbing me in his silver orbs. I was absorbed. I felt intoxicated as he took a step towards me. His eyes traveled over my body and rested back on my face, looking into my dark ones. The world suddenly stopped revolving and I felt unable to breathe. The aura around him was so intense, so dominant. "Breathe, my Fidelia." I flinched as he caressed my middle name so smoothly off his mouth. I felt so damn high.  "Wha-what did you just say?"  "I said, breathe." He said, now amused. I shook my head. "You just said my name." I breathed out breathlessly.  "I didn't."  "You did." I stood my ground, stubbornly. I really heard him saying my middle name. My f*****g middle name.  "He didn't, Harley." Sasha said slowly and nervously. She was intimidated by the man in front of me. Even Samuel stood there gaping. His shoulders were tense, he was intimidated too. This man stood different, superior. I shook my head. Maybe, I heard wrong. I must've heard wrong. "Harley." The man spoke making my chest ache, similar ache I felt in the morning. I tried rubbing my pain but resisted.  "I am sorry, Sir. How can I help you?" He looked at me and nodded his head towards a man behind him.  "I'm here for a business meeting and I'd like to have it done privately." I swallowed the weird feeling as I nodded my head. Of course the Diner had personal air conditioned booths for the most sophisticated peoples too.  "Of course, Sir. I'll show you-" The man cut Sasha off as he turned towards me.  "I'd prefer if Miss Harley would show me around the booth." I was about to protest when Mr Hemsworth stepped in. Perfect timing. "Of course, that's her work. Right, Harley?" He asked, daring me to defy his order. I sighed lowly as I turned towards the men in suits.  "Of course. Please, follow me, Sir."  I led them towards the private section and pulled the chair out for them. After both of the men were seated I asked their orders.  "What would you suggest, Miss Harley?" I swallowed as he once again started a conversation with me.  "I don't really think, you'll like my preferences, Sir."  "You think wrong then, Miss Harley. I'd be more than delighted to know your preferences." I breathed out as I shifted on my foots. Okay then. "Our Diner is really famous for the Bagels, you see-" "I want your preferences, Miss Harley, not the Diner's speciality." I almost groaned at his stubborn wish.  "I like Tacos." I murmured as he smiled slightly, skipping my heart a bit. Damn it! "And for drinks?"  "Would you prefer alcoholic beverages or normal-" "Actually make it two plates of tacos and two lime water. Thank you." I nodded my head as I scribbled their orders on my notepad. A sophisticated man like him would have tacos?  "I'll be right back with your orders, Sir."  I was about to leave when he called me making me curse under my breath. What the hell is it again? "Please, call me Nick, Miss Harley." 
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