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Harley stood in the chambers of the dark world. She was in the hell and the thought itself made her heart thump louder. And the fact that her boyfriend was none other than the Lucifer himself didn't calm her racing heart. She loved him, loved him since they shared the same umbrella. She loved him since they shared their first ice cream together and now standing in front of the man she loved, that too handcuffed wasn't alluring. It was freezing in hell yet her heart felt hot in betrayal. She wanted to cuss, swear and slap the guy but she couldn't. He was the ruler of the dark and she was just a human. Just a mortal. Lucifer sat on his seat dressed in his black suit. His silver eyes were boring into her black ones. His pale skin glowed even more under the lamp. She felt a shiver inside her body when he waved his hand indicating the guards to bring her closer.  A man dressed in black shirt and grey pants took a file and handed it to the Lucifer, who took the file not averting his stare from his pretend girlfriend.  "She saw our demons punishing some of the prisoners who ran to the earth. She was being reluctant to be here. We can't just let her roam around on earth shouting how she saw Lucifer's men." Lucifer nodded his head as an indication to continue.  "We can either lock her in the basement or just appoint her as a maid or slave." Harley felt her blood boiling at their words. Slave? If anything, she was painfully an independent woman who supported her younger sister alone and Lucifer was very well aware of it. "Or we could simply kill her. It would be-"  "Shut up. Just shut up. I won't be anyone's slave or maid. You can't kill me. You can't do this to me, Nick. You loved me, God damn it!" Harley shouted, cutting the man in between. Nick, that was the name Lucifer used on earth. Everyone gasped when she yelled at Lucifer, when she claimed that he loved her. Lucifer clenched his jaw, he wasn't liking this. He wasn't happy how she revealed their relation when he successfully kept it hidden for two years now. "Or was it also fake? Just like your name, Lucifer?" Lucifer stood up when she uttered his name with absolute disgust. Her red hair were scattered everywhere. Her tears were paining him. She was crying, but somewhere she knew her Nick, her Lucifer would save her. He wouldn't let anything happen to her. "Just give us the affirmation, Sir. And she wouldn't be a bother again." Lucifer didn't miss how Harley took two steps back with her eyes widened in fear. He wouldn't. But why was she so unsure? Lucifer advanced his footstep towards the little, terrified mortal. Whose touch wasn't so unknown to him, who herself wasn't unknown to him. "Nick, please." She pleaded, she almost lost her balance but steadied herself. He never saw her pleading in their two years of relationship. Not even when her Aunt left the two sisters on road, not even when she needed money. But today she was pleading. Lucifer wasn't sure what was she pleading for, his love or her life or both. She left a sharp pain in her heart as she pulled her handcuffed hand to her chest, trying to rub the pain off. Lucifer was watching her intently, increasing her nervousness but she still had some hopes.  "You have two options, Harley Fidelia Johnson." She visibly flinched at his cold voice which once used to be so warm, so soothing. It felt like he was talking to a prisoner. She looked at his six feet four inch frame with defeat. She was defeated. "Either I erase your memory associated with Hell and me, or I kill you." The harshness in his voice made her wince. Kill her? Wasn't he the one who always promised to protect her? Even though she always denied his help but didn't he promised? "You-you'll really...... kill me, Nick?" She stuttered. Lucifer simply nodded his head and she cried out loud. She felt betrayed. She felt her heart ache again, this time she didn't rub the pain away. She felt betrayed. She wanted to die. Even though Nick or better Lucifer betrayed her, she still loved the moments she spent with him. She cherished their moments every time. Never in her life she thought he'll ever make her choose and that too between the life and death. She wanted nothing but to die but she had a younger sister to take care of. Sage, her younger sister has no one to take care of. She can't be selfish here. She has to choose her family over herself. That's what a real bond is, right? She took a deep breath and looked in his silver eyes. She was ready to forget the Hell, the punishment Hell served the souls and she was ready to forget him, her Nick. "Erase my memory. I want to live." She said staring into his eyes. They never blinked as Lucifer reached to keep his hand over head. But before his hand could've reached her head, she caught it and placed in right under her chin.  "I'll never forgive you, Nick." With that she kissed the back of his palm. Lucifer's eyes darkened at her broken words.  Swallowing the weird ache Lucifer felt deep inside his chest, he placed his hand over her head and chanted something under his breath. With every erasing memory, her pain increased and soon all her memories were gone. Leaving her with empty mind and heavy heart. One thing Lucifer knew for sure was, Harley surely did forgot him but will never forgive him. With that she was transported back to earth, in her room.
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