Love & Mate

Love & Mate

kickass heroine
enimies to lovers

Alpha Annie Blackwood may have inherited the ability to heal others but somehow this is not her most impressive trait. With her combat skills, leadership qualities and strong, independent nature she is the woman that everyone looks up to. Lusted after by almost every Alpha she meets, she has grown tired of men and their want to possess her.

With all eyes on her, rogue attacks looming and enemies closing in she must navigate pack alliances with strength and power.

When her mate reveals himself, she is plunged into a relationship dynamic that she never expected. When tensions rise and old grudges resurface, it becomes clear that there is indeed a thin line between love & hate.

Mature scenes will feature throughout.

Book three in the series.

1) The Alpha’s Regret

2) His Desired Mate

3) Love & Mate

Can possibly be read as a stand alone book, however relationships between the character will make much more sense if “His Desired Mate” is read beforehand.




As I make my way outside into the darkness and close the door behind me, he stops abruptly and looks at me with his penetrating glare.

“Everything okay?” I ask casually taking in his flustered state.

“Absolutely.” he replies nonchalantly, walking over to stand in front of me.

I lean back on the cool wall as we both stare at each other in silence.

Goddess even the intense look he is giving me is beginning to turn me on, my temperature beginning to rise with each passing second.

“Are you sure? You seem… tense?” I shrug, tilting my head to the side.

“Do I? Are you enjoying seeing me like this? Is that it?” he asks, moving forward, closing the gap between us.

I shrug again and look into his eyes as they begin to grow darker.

“No I just wonder what has got the mighty Alpha …. so flustered. That’s all.”

“I think you know fine well…”

“Jealous?” I ask, raising my eyebrow.

“Of Mr Perfect? I don’t think so.” he tuts, running his eyes over my face and stopping at my lips.

“Could have fooled me…” I answer quietly, as my body aches for his touch. Anything. Anything to appease this need that is burning within me.

“A woman like you would never be suited with man like him anyway.” he mutters lowly.

“Oh yeah and why is that?”

“It’s simple… he’d bore you. He wouldn’t be able to keep a woman like you satisfied for long.” he mutters, his hands suddenly running up the skin of my outer thighs.

“Oh and you would…would you?… keep me satisfied?” I ask suggestively, as he presses his body against mine.

“Judging by your body’s reaction to me right now I’d say… without a doubt.” he replies smugly, moving his lips only inches away from mine.

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