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Alpha Annie Blackwood may have inherited the ability to heal others but somehow this is not her most impressive trait. With her combat skills, leadership qualities and strong, independent nature she is the woman that everyone looks up to. Lusted after by almost every Alpha she meets, she has grown tired of men and their want to possess her.

With all eyes on her, rogue attacks looming and enemies closing in she must navigate pack alliances with strength and power.

When her mate reveals himself, she is plunged into a relationship dynamic that she never expected. When tensions rise and old grudges resurface, it becomes clear that there is indeed a thin line between love & hate.

Mature scenes will feature throughout.

Book three in the series.

1) The Alpha’s Regret

2) His Desired Mate

3) Love & Mate

Can possibly be read as a stand alone book, however relationships between the character will make much more sense if “His Desired Mate” is read beforehand.




As I make my way outside into the darkness and close the door behind me, he stops abruptly and looks at me with his penetrating glare.

“Everything okay?” I ask casually taking in his flustered state.

“Absolutely.” he replies nonchalantly, walking over to stand in front of me.

I lean back on the cool wall as we both stare at each other in silence.

Goddess even the intense look he is giving me is beginning to turn me on, my temperature beginning to rise with each passing second.

“Are you sure? You seem… tense?” I shrug, tilting my head to the side.

“Do I? Are you enjoying seeing me like this? Is that it?” he asks, moving forward, closing the gap between us.

I shrug again and look into his eyes as they begin to grow darker.

“No I just wonder what has got the mighty Alpha …. so flustered. That’s all.”

“I think you know fine well…”

“Jealous?” I ask, raising my eyebrow.

“Of Mr Perfect? I don’t think so.” he tuts, running his eyes over my face and stopping at my lips.

“Could have fooled me…” I answer quietly, as my body aches for his touch. Anything. Anything to appease this need that is burning within me.

“A woman like you would never be suited with man like him anyway.” he mutters lowly.

“Oh yeah and why is that?”

“It’s simple… he’d bore you. He wouldn’t be able to keep a woman like you satisfied for long.” he mutters, his hands suddenly running up the skin of my outer thighs.

“Oh and you would…would you?… keep me satisfied?” I ask suggestively, as he presses his body against mine.

“Judging by your body’s reaction to me right now I’d say… without a doubt.” he replies smugly, moving his lips only inches away from mine.

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Chapter One
Alpha Annie’s POV  “What’s his name again? remind me.” I ask Tom as I zip up my dress hastily in the back seat of the car.  “Goddess Annie, we are late and you don’t even know who’s ceremony it is we are going to? Would it kill you to prepare for these occasions a little more in advance.” he mutters back in annoyance.  “Pfft spend all day preening and dressing myself up like some sort of doll. No thanks. Anyway I’m dressed now what’s the big deal grumpy ass?” I retort as I shoot a wide grin towards his mate Charlotte who is trying her best to work some magic with my slightly damp hair.  “Least she has a dress on this time… unlike the time we showed up at Alpha David’s ceremony and she still had a sports bra on under a suit jacket.” Charlotte giggles, before finally settling on a low bun for my hairstyle for the evening.  “Hey it’s not my fault he had to have his ceremony on the day I got back from Alpha training camp! Anyway, you are right Charlotte. I’m in the stupid dress and am most definitely prepared for….”  “… Alpha Liam..” Charlotte whispers with a chuckle.  “Yes Alpha Liam’s ceremony.” I finish as Tom looks at me in the rear view mirror and rolls his eyes.  “Okay fine… well let me offer you your usual reminder to be nice. No bullying the other Alphas okay Annie.” he smirks as I open my mouth in pretend shock.  “Excuse me! I’m always nice.” I protest, looking to Charlotte for support.  “Not to fellow Alphas you’re not!” she laughs, siding with her mate instantly.  “Traitor…” I mutter, placing my feet in my ridiculously high heeled shoes. “In my defence that’s because most of them are assholes who think with their c**k and think the world revolves around them.”  Charlotte laughs out loud at my outburst as she rummages around in the make up bag she brought along for the journey.  “Okay, hold still… a little bit of blush and mascara is all we have time for.” she says as the territory of Forest Wells comes into view.  I obey her orders and let her work. At the end of the day, it doesn’t bother me that much what I look like. I go to these functions for one reason and one reasons only. To build professional relationships with other packs. I am well aware that other unmated females may relish the opportunity to attend these events which are often frequented by many unmated wolves, most of them of high rank but this isn’t the case for me. At the age of 22, I’m quite happy with how my life is going at the moment. I have been running Blackstone for two years now with my Beta Tom and my Gamma Nate and so far I would like to think we are doing a great job. The pack is continuing to grow from strength to strength and we are still considered one of the most prosperous and successful in the whole country. The thought of finding my mate any time soon fills me with dread. Sure my parents have an amazing bond with one another, the kind you read about in fairytales when you are a kid but somehow I’ve always known that my story won’t be so clean cut. It seems every man I meet looks at me for what I can bring him rather that what we can achieve united as one.  As we pull up the driveway, Tom hops out of the car and swiftly opens the door for Charlotte. I open my own door and follow them both as we walk upstairs to the large foyer of the house.  “Goddess, how is it fair that you spend about five minutes getting ready and yet you look like this.” Charlotte tuts, waving her hand up and down my body.  “What?” I ask in confusion staring down at the shimmering navy gown.  “Like a damn model!” she replies, shaking her head.  I smile widely at her and do a little curtsy to make her laugh.  After some initial greetings we are directed to the pack hall which is already full of people here to witness the swearing in of a new Alpha.  As the finishing touches are prepared, I take a moment to look around the room. Already I can spot several sets of eyes on me and I know straight away that this is going to be one long ass night.  “I feel like a damn freak show whenever we come to these things.” I whisper to Tom as he fixes a warning scowl on his face.  “Try not to let them bother you Annie. They will have heard of your powers. Not to mention you are the Alpha female of a large pack. They will be intrigued by you.” he answers in an attempt to reassure me.  “Yes well I don’t want their intrigue or their damn stares.” I whine, straightening myself up and looking back at the offending males unapologetically.  Some seem to take my eye contact as intended and look away abruptly while others, I’m guessing the cockier Alphas of the bunch, look at it as an invitation to send flirtatious winks or smiles.  Finally the ceremony is underway and I clap dutifully and watch on carefully as Alpha Liam is sworn in. From the buzz in the room I can tell that he is popular amongst his pack and judging by the reaction of the she-wolves, most definitely unmated. As I watch I am reminded of the day when I was sworn in. Goddess for the first time in my whole life I felt a little nervous. There has never been a doubt in my mind that I would be able to lead my pack successfully but the responsibility of it all is a matter that I take very seriously. After all, my parents have worked tirelessly these past years and I don’t want to let them or anyone else down.  After the ceremony, we are invited into a separate function room for food and drinks and the party atmosphere begins to kick in immediately. Sometimes these events can be so stuffy it’s nice to attend one that has some fun elements every once in a while.  Suddenly Charlotte nudges me and subtly points her head towards the oncoming man of the moment- Alpha Liam. As he approaches he shoots me a wide smile and I try to reciprocate, Tom’s words still swirling around in my head.  “Annie isn’t it?” he asks, while stretching his hand out.  “That’s Alpha Annie actually.” Tom cuts in angrily, eyeing Liam up and down.  I nod my head at Tom and turn to face the man before me.  “Yes, my name is Annie. Congratulations on your appointment as Alpha. You must be very happy.” I answer politely, looking at Tom with a sly sideways glance.  Alpha Liam seems to relax a little by my polite response and he shakes my hand eagerly.  “Would you like to dance?” he asks gesturing towards the dance floor.  “Thank you for the offer but no. Shall we walk and chat instead?” I offer as an alternative.  Why the hell should I have to dance with every Alpha male who wants to talk business with me. I don’t see any other Alphas bursting into spontaneous dance moves whenever they are talking about pack matters.  Alpha Liam nods in response and follows my lead as I work on ignoring the scowls I am receiving  from some furious looking she-wolves.  “Thank you for agreeing to chat with me… I was happy that you accepted the invitation to come.” he says as we reach the edge of the grand hall.  “Oh no problem at all. I was happy to be invited. I hope that we will be able to work together some day.” I smile, taking a glass of champagne from him.  “Well yes… working together would be great but I was hoping for perhaps another sort of partnership. If you were willing to hear me out…” he begins, taking a swig of his drink.  My heart sinks as I realise that this is, most definitely, the first chosen mate proposal of the night.  For f**k sake for once I would just like to come along to one of these things and not be asked this stupid damn question.  “And what sort of partnership would that be?” I grit out between my teeth before I take a long drink from my glass.  “A marriage alliance of sorts-“  “But you hardly know me! And I sure as hell know nothing about you!” I interrupt abruptly as he looks at me with a shocked expression.  “I know that you are a true healer, that you lead a large pack. If we unite we would have a lot of power and influence.” he answers, looking at me as if I am the one who is rude and out of order.  “and what do I gain from this union? A cocky son of a b***h who thinks he can use me? I think not.” I reply furiously, my temper simmering below the surface.  “I didn’t mean to cause offence, I only wanted to point out the potential of a union between us.” he argues, with the stunned expression of a man who has never been turned down for anything in his life.  “Yes well potential for you maybe… for me not so much.” I answer cheekily, placing my empty glass in his free hand.  “Alpha Liam I wish you and your pack good luck for the future.” I finish respectfully, nodding my head gently before turning on my heels to walk away.  “Goddess the cheek of him!” Thea, my wolf, seethes in my head as I make a beeline for the bar. “I’ll have a scotch please.” I ask the bartender and he nods at my request.  “Make that two.” comes the sound of a familiar voice as a large body shuffles over to stand beside me.  I turn around with a smirk to greet Alpha Josh who is stood looking at me with a grin. 

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