Chapter Two

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Alpha Annie’s POV  “It’s good to see you Annie.” he smiles, lifting the glass of amber liquid to his lips.  “Good to see you too, it’s been a while.” I smile in return.  “It sure has. I’d say you haven’t been to Crescent Moon in around a year … not that I’m counting.” he chuckles, leaning on the bar with his forearm.  “Well I recently acquired a whole pack to look after or haven’t you heard?” I ask sarcastically,  sipping my drink.  “I think every Alpha in the country knows that.” he laughs, looking at me knowingly. “I take it Alpha Liam had a proposal for you.”  “He did and I told him where he could shove it.” I reply cheekily, holding up my glass and downing the remaining alcohol.  Josh follows my lead and empties his glass before signalling to the barman to fetch us another.  “So what are you doing here anyway I rarely see you at these things anymore?” I ask curiously, eying him up and down.  Tonight he is wearing a grey suit which is fitted to perfection around his large frame. His blonde hair is pushed away from his face in an effortless swoop and his eyes are twinkling their usual shade of light blue.  He shrugs his shoulders and smiles.  “Have you restarted the search for your mate?” I ask seriously, handing him his drink that the barman has just brought over.  He looks at me silently for a moment before shaking his head.  “I’m 29 years old and haven’t found her yet Annie. It might be time to face facts that she doesn’t exist.” he answers, his voice tinged with slight disappointment.  “Well I believe that she does. A catch like you is bound to have a gorgeous, sweet mate out there somewhere.” I answer honestly, giving him a sympathetic smile.  “I’m a catch huh? Funny I seem to recall waking up a year ago to find my bed empty… with you nowhere to be seen.” he replies, throwing me a cheeky wink.  I laugh out loud and sip my drink while I formulate my response.  “That was… a one off. Besides my grandma has been trying to set us up for the past 4 years. I don’t think either of us need that kind of pressure.”  “Maybe you’re right… it was damn fun though.” he answers cheekily.  I smile and nod in response.  “Yes, Goddess it was…”  We look at each other for a moment and memories of our night together come back in waves through my mind.  My grandparents are the former Alpha and Luna of the Crescent Moon pack. When it came time to pass on the reins, my mother was already Luna of Blackstone so my Grandad choose to give the title to his Beta’s son. That son being Josh. He has been running Crescent Moon now for the last 9 years. The relationship between Blackstone and Crescent Moon is a solid one that goes back decades.  I haven’t ever really looked at him romantically. In truth this is the reason why I like him. He is the only Alpha male, besides my father and grandfathers, that I actually trust. He’s kind and loyal and I know that my powers don’t really interest him in the slightest.  “Well that’s a relief… I hate to think our bedtime antics left you running for the hills.” he chuckles gently.  “Definitely not.” I reassure him raising my eyebrows.  In actual fact he was pretty great in bed. The s*x was hot and he was more than capable of meeting my needs but it was a heat of the moment thing. Despite his words, I’ve known for years that Josh would love to find his destined mate. With how close our families are it would be silly to get mixed up in a relationship only for it to end in disaster.  “Then why did you leave?” he asks with a curious look, a slight smile playing on his lips.  “You know why.” I shrug, finishing my second drink of the night.  He nods his head in response and places the glass down on the bar.  “Okay… then shall we dance?” he asks with a wink, stretching his hand out towards me.  “Why I thought you’d never ask Alpha.” I reply, imitating a lovesick she-wolf.  We spend the rest of the night laughing and joking together like old friends. Its great to be able to talk to another Alpha like this, to be looked at as an equal rather than some trophy to be acquired.  As we head back outside to begin the journey home Josh wraps me in a hug. I relax in his strong arms for a moment, the scent of his cologne comforting me nicely.  “Don’t let it be another year before we see each other again Tiger.” he says, using my old nickname from when we were young.  “Goddess my grandma has been bugging me to visit Crescent Moon lately, I’m sure I’ll see you really soon.” I answer, pulling myself away from his embrace.  *** “Good morning Honey.” my mom says sweetly as she and my father shuffle inside my office and take a seat in front of me.  “Morning Mom… hey Dad.” I answer with a smile as I press send on an email.  “How was the ceremony last night?” she asks casually, in an attempt to hide her curiosity.  It seems that these past couple of years my mom has started to take a keen interest in my love life. I know that she just wants me to be happy. To find the kind of bond that her and my dad share.  “It was fine. The usual.” I shrug, looking to my dad for support.  “Lexi there’s no rush for her to find her mate… our Annie is killing it so far and seems to be having fun in the process.” my dad smiles supportively. “I know Zack! I was just curious that’s all. Annie has been to quite a few of these events now. I just thought perhaps her mate would have appeared by now.” she answers defensively.  “It’s okay Mom I’m sure I’ll meet him when the time is right.” I say while giving her a reassuring look.  “Grandma called this morning… she said you saw Josh at the ceremony.” she continues, causing both my dad and I to burst out laughing.  “Goddess your mother doesn’t miss a thing does she?” my dad asks in amusement.  “Well since there is still no Luna at Crescent Moon, I don’t think Josh gets a moments peace if I’m honest.” my mom giggles in response. “Bless her, she’s just trying to help.”  “So how are the triplets getting on with their warrior training?” I ask my dad in an attempt to steer the conversation in another direction.  He chuckles and rolls his eyes at my question.  “Well you know your brothers, Ryan thinks he knows it all already, Noah couldn’t care less and Adam is the only one taking it seriously.” he answers, shrugging his shoulders.  “Yep sounds like my brothers.” I laugh in return. “Well they are only 16 give them a break.”  “Yeah yeah, well we will leave you in peace I’m sure you have a lot to do.” my dad replies and he as my mom get up to leave.  “See you both later!” I call out before the door closes.  ***  I stand under the hot water and let it flow over my tired body. It’s true that being Alpha to a pack as large as Blackstone is a tiring, never ending job but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Suddenly I hear the bathroom door click open and I smirk when I see the faint outline of a body through the steamed up shower screen.  “Well you sure took your time.” I call out, rinsing the shampoo from my hair.  The cubicle door opens and Nate steps inside closing the door behind him.  “Training ran on a bit later. Which you would have known if you had shown up.” he answers, swatting my ass with his hand.  “Some of us had real work to attend to.” I chuckle as I watch him lather soap all over his hard muscular body.  “Sure thing, Alpha.” he laughs in return, as I step aside to let him use the running water.  I know that casual s*x with my Gamma might seem a like a bad idea but for Nate an I it seems to work. He’s a great guy, funny, hardworking and he gets me. He knows I am not into relationships and neither is he.  “So I hear you got another proposal last night.” he laughs as I run conditioner through my hair with my fingers. “Oh Goddess don’t remind me.” I groan, dipping my head under the water.  “It sounds like you might need this more than me tonight.” he laughs, pressing me gently against the cool tiles and raising my arms above my head.  I let out a sigh of relief as he begins to kiss and suck on my breasts. My back arching towards him immediately.  I close my eyes and let him get to work, kissing down my body until he is on his knees in front of me. He lifts my right leg and places it over his shoulder as he continues to land kisses on my inner thigh, my core clenching in anticipation for what is to come next.  “Get on with it Nate.” I tease, before he follows my command and runs his tongue up my wet p***y.  I tangle my fingers in his sandy blonde hair as he licks me just the way I like. My moans grow louder, the noise cancelled out by the sound of the water hitting the floor.  After a while he rises to his feet and I hop onto his body, my legs wrapping around him tightly as he enters inside me.  He lets out a grunt in pleasure as he squeezes my ass with his hands.  I hold onto his shoulders, my fingers digging into to the hard flesh as his length fills me over and over.  “Goddess…harder…” I encourage him as he continues to push me closer towards my release.  “YES!!” I call out frantically as I reach my orgasm my body shuddering with delight.  I can tell he isn’t far behind when his eyes close tightly and his body turns ridged against mine.  He holds onto me tightly for a moment before setting me down on my feet.  “Don’t say I don’t go above and beyond as your Gamma now.” he jokes as I dip under the hot water and catch my breath.  “Oh shut up you ass!” I reply, smacking his chest. “I hope Tom didn’t see you come in here or else I’m in for a lecture in the morning.” I laugh, shutting off the water and handing Nate a towel.  “Nah… but he knows already. I’m sure of it.” he answers, wrapping the towel around his waist.  “No trust me… if he knew. We would hear about it.” I reply as we make our way back into my bedroom.  I get dried quickly and throw on some shorts and a T-shirt for bed.  “No offence Nate but don’t you normally leave by now?” I ask, shooing him off of my bed.  “Okay okay… I can take a very obvious hint. I’ll get out of your way.” he laughs, wandering over towards the door.  “Hey you have have voicemail on the machine.” he comments as he passes my work desk in the corner of the room.  “Press play please.” I say, curious as to who would be calling me at work at this hour.  * * “Hi Annie, this is Liam here… you know from last night. Would you be able to give me a call back as soon as you can please? Speak to you soon.”  * * Nate bursts out in a fit of laughter and turns to look at my stunned face.  “I thought you told this guy to f**k off?” he asks in amusement.  “I thought I did… Goddess I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.” I spit out as I stride over and pick up the phone.  “Take it you don’t need my help?” Nate asks with a grin.  “Oh no I can handle this on my own. See you tomorrow.” I answer back before he leaves and clicks the door shut.  As the phone rings on the end of the line, I work out in my head what I am going to say to this i***t to get it through his head that I’m not interested. Eventually he picks up the phone. His voice strained and rushed.  * “Hello”  “Hi this is Annie, from Blackstone, you asked me to call you back?”  “Annie thank you, thank Goddess you called… look about last night…”  “Let me stop you right there Alpha Liam, I am still not interested in any sort of chosen mate alliance and I don’t appreciate-“  “No Annie that’s not why I called, although I am sorry about that. I called because I need your help…please.”  “With what? What happened?”  “We were attacked in the middle of the night. We took heavy losses. Our warriors are depleted and we need back up.”  “Goddess… yes I can come tomorrow. What do you need?”  “We need trackers to help us find those that are missing.”  “Missing, what do you mean missing?”  “Ten females have been taken. We haven’t been able to trace them.”  “I’ll be there in the morning.”  * I put down the phone and instantly mind link Tom and Nate about the situation. I know why Liam called me. We have the best trackers in the country and if there’s anything we can do to help then I’m willing to do it. 
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