Never leave her

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Queen of the Dragon Realm I had always been an insecure person. After having survived as the better half of the dragon king, unraveling conspiracies, suppressing rivals, being cautious was only natural. I had spent nearly three centuries in the Supernatural Dimension. I had learnt that one could not let their guard down till their goal was accomplished. My current goal as queen of the Dragon Realm was to ensure, that my son, who’d inherit the throne, married the woman who could provide him with the highest benefits. Elegant, obedient, understanding, one who could accept my son’s affairs and strengthen her position next to my son by giving birth to a male heir-Liang and her cousin Lin were the ones who fitted the bill perfectly. A smile traced my lips now. Liang was good but Lin, that girl was wildly ambitious and suitable to deal with the Aneglur Realm in the future. Moreover, her presence would ensure that I continued to be the most powerful female dragon in the Dragon Realm. Lin, this girl could commit crimes without batting an eyelid. This was actually strength as vacillating like Liang might ruin one. Lin would be off age in another year. There would be time for her to get together with my son later. For now, I had to ensure that my son married Liang at all costs.   Even though the two had spent a night together I knew my son very well. I was sure that, he had only superficially accepted this arrangement. His heart still beat for that wretched mate of his. Flashback “Aunt….” “Liang what are you here in my room for. You should be with my son at this hour.” “Aunt, he asked me to leave.” “What......” “He said he was sorry.” “He……..”I was so angry that my eyes had changed their color. I knew that I might change into a dragon soon. My son Vern was the only one whose actions were able to make me lose control. His actions vexed me and annoyed me. I had never expected him to continue behaving so coldly with Liang. “Aunt…calm down.” Liang’s voice and proximity had its effect. Liang was the only dragon who had gained partial control over water. As such, she knew how to calm a dragon’s anger using ‘Tranquilian aquae’, a spell that could effectively use the soothing property of water to pacify rage. “What did he say Liang?” “He wants me to back out. He wants me to……” Liang had started sobbing and I felt unhappy. For all her flaws, I knew that she loved Vern sincerely. I approached Liang to console her. As I hugged her I promised myself that my son would have to shoulder the responsibility of the night he spent with Liang. She was destined to be his wife. She was the one I had personally chosen. She was the key for my plan to move forward and even my own flesh and blood did not have the right to make any changes. End My attention returned to the present when the bracelet on my wrist changed from red to green. My appointment was fixed. It was time to meet the Magister medicinae, a magical healer, who was part-Aneglur and had previously helped me in dealing with my husband’s mate. I was sure that he would have a way to ensure that Vern stopped caring about his mate completely. Like me, he too did not believe in love. Vern King The screams in the underground prison had even terrified the dragon guards. Even though my torture had already killed two traitors I was still irritated. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. My mate’s face flashed before me. I roared and when Drachenne tried to emerge I suppressed my dragon. This fight with my dragon was what exhausted me and I returned to my room. I threw out a slave that appeared and when Liang approached I dug my nails into my own skin and asked her to leave. I did not wish to hurt her. When everyone had given me the space I required I was still not clam. The bright moon outside did not help and made me remember the face I wanted to forget. I had loved her with every bit of myself . I was true to her. I did not understand why she left me. And, then I recalled what happened when I returned annoyed to the Dragon Realm. I threw a  few antiques on the floor as the sceneof how wild I had been with Liang flashed before my eyes. Emily might have been wrong but, I had committed a graver mistake. I wondered what would I do if Emily had similarly spent a night with another man. “Vern King I will destroy all that is there in this realm if it ever happens.”   My dragon Drachenne, spoke very softly. But, I knew him very well. It was deadliest when it was soft. As I paced around nothing could really calm me. I flew out of the window, transforming into a dragon mid-air. I had to meet His Holiness. He was my mentor and the only one who might have a sane advice. I arrived at the School for Supernaturals where His Holiness was. When I entered his office he was not present. I wondered where he was and decided to wait for him. My restlessness increased when an hour had passed. I could not go back empty-handed but, I did not know where he was either. I wondered how I could contact him when I remembered a previous conversation with him. “This office is not as simple as it seems to be Vern. It hides many secrets. If I am absent you may just take my name. The office will help you to reach me.” That was it. I knew how to meet him. I had never tried this before hence I spoke with some uncertainty, “His Holiness… “ I was amazed when a wall behind His Holiness’s chair shifted. I was stunned to see a passageway. As I entered the place I saw that a long path illuminated by sunlight, without the end in sight awaited me. I started walking and when I turned my head back I saw that the path behind me was covered in darkness. I could not understand why the path ahead was filled with light, while, the distance that I had just covered was dark.   I kept walking and after sometime the path disappeared and I found myself near the sea. There was not a soul around but as I looked around I saw that a beach house stood, camouflaged such that it merged with the sand and the sky. I was sure that this structure would be invisible to a mortal being.  I approached the place and just as I stood before it a strong force sucked me inside. When my feet found the ground I saw that His Holiness stood with his back facing me. He was looking at a huge wheel with eight spokes. The gap between seven spokes represented each realm, while the eighth space represented the Mortal Dimension. The wheel was rotating slowly and when it stopped the interstice representing the Dragon Realm and the Aneglur Realm enlarged as the spoke between them vanished. “His Holiness, this……” “We will speak about this later Vern. For now, you may tell me the reason of your visit.” For some reason, I felt as if His Holiness was unhappy. “His Holiness I…..” I realized that I was unable to frame my sentences coherently. I paced my ring in his hand which allowed him to see all that had transpired in the past few days. When the scenes that were being played as a reel in air ended, his expression remained unchanged. After a short while he spoke, “What do you want me to say Vern?” “I was wrong,” I said. “Why are you telling this to me Vern?” “His Holiness…” “I never expected that you could be so impulsive. Emily did not treat you fairly, but you did not behave reasonably either.” I was ashamed. Perhaps His Holiness understood. Perhaps he did not. However, as he turned his back to face the when again, I kept waiting……waiting for him to say something. He never spoke. The spoke separating the Dragon and the Aneglur Realm reappeared. The wheel started moving again. “Nothing can be changed Vern. None of us are powerful enough to go back in time.” I remained quiet. He seemed to be disappointed when he spoke again, “You will have to pay a price for your impulsiveness Vern. You’ve trained for a long time.  I am surprised that you were unable to differentiate the right and the wrong.” His Holiness waved his hand and I realized that I it was time for me to leave. Just before I disappeared my eyes caught a portrait of my senior with his wife and a child in their arms. I wanted to stretch my hand to touch the child’s image when I felt a force pushing me away. Before I realized I found that I had reappeared at His Holiness’s office. “Our mate looked adorable as a child.” When my dragon spoke to me I found myself agreeing with him. Emily’s face flashed before my eyes again. I had to meet her. Even if she wanted to leave me, my heart knew that I could not. I was prepared to confess what happened between me and Liang. She was my mate and my life. No matter what the ups and downs were, I knew that I could never leave her.
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