The Dragon's mate-2

The Dragon's mate-2

magical world

"You are still the same......"

"You haven't changed either."

"You broke my heart."

"Only after you broke mine…."


"No Vern....You lost your right when.........."

"I can break up."

"I won't be with you even if you did. I don't care."

"You're lying. I can listen to how fast your heart beats."


Jake came over and hugged me from behind. I knew that he wanted to calm me down.

"Let's go."

I left and I swore that I could feel Vern KIng's anger. Two years have passed. I am not as simple-minded as I once was.

Vern King

I have become cruel. I hate mistakes and dislike those who cross their limits. Liang and I will be engaged soon. But, I do not feel anything about this matter. My mother is excited and I am happy for her. However, I have made myself clear that I will not limit myself to one woman. Liang has accepted this arrangement. I have promised her that she would be my queen. In return she has promised me the freedom to spend my nights with anyone.


I never thought that I'd ever see her again. Two years have passed and when she entered the party with Jake my breath stopped.

"Mate," spoke my dragon.

"No Drachenne....she...."

"You still love her Vern........."

I hated everything around me. This......When our eyes met, I knew that she felt the sparks.

Liang suddenly came and stood next to me.

I felt nothing. My heart belonged to the only girl who broke my heart- Emily.

Seeing her has once again triggered emotions, which I thought that, I was completely in control of.

I walked out and transformed into a dragon. As I felt the air against my scales, I knew that Emily was the only woman I loved. She was the only one I wanted to be with. She was my mate and I wanted her back.


I have seen how broken Emily was. I have been there by her side when she has shed her tears silently. Last year I learnt about what happened between her and my former best friend Vern King. I wanted to kill him at that time. Emily stopped me. Over the past two years all of us have worked hard. Emily has become stronger and more beautiful than ever before. We are best friends today. As I see her excelling at all forms of magic, I feel happy. The Aneglur King is getting stronger. The path is long and arduous. But, I am sure that I'd always be by Emily's side.

Aneglur King

I have no idea as to where that Anodyne's girl disappeared. She holds the key to my absolute return. I am still searching for her in the Mortal Dimension.

This is the second book of ”The Dragon's Mate” series. Please read the first book so that you may understand this one. To the old readers, thank you for your love and support. To any new reader who has stumbled across this story, I request you to give my book a chance.

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Note: I have changed the Shadow King and the Shadow Realm to the Aneglur King and the Aneglur Realm.

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