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Reading stories comes naturally to me. At the same time I love creating an imaginary world and designing characters, major and minor, with flaws and strengths alike. I love to observe and to explore. I love imperfections, because the term perfect is quite unrealistic. After all \'Man may strive to be perfect\'. But, a perfect being is yet, to come into being.
The Dragon's mate-2
Updated at Jun 1, 2024, 12:44
----Book 2 of The Dragon's mate---- (COVER CREDIT: CANVA) * * * Suggest you finish Book 1 before reading this one. * * * Emily left Vern because she thinks that the latter cheated on her. She is done with love and wants to focus on growing and finding her place in the 'Supernatural Dimension'. The dimension that had remained peaceful for a long time is now heading into uncertain times. The evil forces are becoming stronger, and the righteous are on the backfoot as they are in the open. In these chaotic times, will Emily and Vern come together, or will they be separated forever? Will their misunderstandings be cleared, and will love win?
Marriage: Blurred Lines
Updated at May 26, 2024, 01:03
"I love someone else. This will always be an arrangement of convenience." "I accept this arrangement." Grace and Aaron's families have been friends for four generations. The two share a cordial relationship. Both are old money. Marriages in their families have always been arranged. However, Aaron wants to marry someone he fell in love with while in college. A twist in fate forces Aaron to marry Grace. Will this marriage last? Will Aaron leave Grace to be with the one he loves? What happens if Grace meets a man who genuinely falls for her? Will the lines be blurred and erased? Read on to see what is in store for them. (Cover Credit:CANVA)
The Dragon's mate
Updated at Aug 20, 2021, 07:47
--COMPLETED-- --COMPLETED-- Emily, an ordinary girl, has simple dreams in life. As an orphan who is always at the receiving end, she is quite happy if she is not punished in the orphanage by her warden. Things change when she meets a boy who helps her reach the place where her true destiny begins to take shape. Here she learns that she is a supernatural being whose actions, right and wrong, will affect the supernatural world that she belongs to and the mortal world she comes from. Complications increase because she is the mate of a dragon prince as well. Will it be easy for her to be together with him when her closest kin and her mate's mother are against their relationship? Will love win or will it lose against the evil forces? Book 2 The Dragon's mate2 is out there now. Start reading and leave your comments.