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Emily, an ordinary girl, has simple dreams in life. As an orphan who is always at the receiving end, she is quite happy if she is not punished in the orphanage by her warden. Things change when she meets a boy who helps her reach the place where her true destiny begins to take shape. Here she learns that she is a supernatural being whose actions, right and wrong, will affect the supernatural world that she belongs to and the mortal world she comes from.

Complications increase because she is the mate of a dragon prince as well. Will it be easy for her to be together with him when her closest kin and her mate's mother are against their relationship? Will love win or will it lose against the evil forces?

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If I can feel those soft hands again
Vern "Don't leave grandpa." "I must go Vern." "Grandpa....you....you don't love me." "I love you. But, there is someone I love more....." "No........" "Lord Vern...." "I will come later." I continued staring at the moon as I recalled my childhood interactions with my grandfather. He had left and I was angry at being abandoned. It was only much later that I realized that he had left us for his mate. To some extent, I was angry. I never thought that a mate would be so important. I played and I had fun. I was sure that I would follow my mother's arrangement. She wanted me to marry her best friend's daughter. The girl is a dragon of noble lineage. My mother thought that the combined power of the royal clan and the girl's clan would prevent any rebellions. Our marriage would make my ascent to the throne smooth and would strengthen my position in the Dragon Realm as well as the Supernatural Dimension. I was interested. I had always abhorred the word mate until my journey to the Mortal Dimension nearly five years ago. Flashback "Leave him.He will die." "Are you sure?" I could overhear some Supernaturals debating my fate. I had fallen into their trap and I was breathing my last. They left as they were sure that I would die. "Phoenix....look, there is someone injured there....." I struggled to open my eyes but failed to do so. I could feel small hands feeling my forehead. As the middle and ring fingers moved over my forehead, I could feel some sort of energy seep in. "Phoenix......I think that he will be fine now." I wanted to stop her. I wanted to listen to her voice. But, I was helpless. The footsteps faded and a day later I had indeed recovered. Later on, my mentor, His Holiness, told me that the only person who could heal me then was my mate. End Today, I am not interested in the arranged union I had once looked forward to. To some extent, I can understand my grandfather's choice......why he chose to leave his arranged partner to be with his mate. Ever since that fateful encounter, my dragon is no longer fond of any female presence. I have yet to see my mate but, I know that she is the only one for me. She is the only one who will have the right to be my queen. I am never going to repeat my father's mistake. He never waited for his mate. He married my mother and performed a blood pact with her, as per my grandmother's wish to stabilize his position in the kingdom. My maternal grandfather helped him take down all his step-brothers. Ten years after this union, I was born. A few years later, when my father did meet his mate, he could not do anything. My mum and he had a blood pact. This meant that, if either of them gave up their marriage, they'd die. For my father, who valued life and power, letting go of his mate was the only option. His mate was an ordinary dragon. She had cried at the palace's gates for many days. My father, whose cord with her was quite weak, felt helpless. He wished to acknowledge the bond. Yet, his ambition had cost him, to give up on his love. At least, my grandfather had fared better as he never had a blood pact with my gran. When my father's mate vanished suddenly, my parents continued their marriage of convenience. After the appearance of his mate, dad never shared the bedroom with mum again. I knew how much she missed him. But, love can not be forced. My father, during one of our private lessons, told me to wait for my mate. "You should not make the mistake that your ancestors made." Being the only heir, I never had to worry about facing competition. My mother, on the other hand, being a pragmatist to the core, was not too enthusiastic about a mate bond and for many years I shared her sentiment. Both my mum and my dad were very good to me. Being their only child, I received their affection. It was sad that, towards each other, they were so cold. This happened once dad's mate arrived on the scene. She was not physically present but, pulled the strings of their relationship. From being a loving couple, my parents were now formal and courteous in their dealings with each other. Love had vanished. All that remained were the dragon emperor and the empress, with a cold disposition. Ever since I had been close to my mate, I had sworn that she alone could be my queen. I knew that she was there. I was determined to find her. His Holiness, my revered teacher, has informed me that she is in the Mortal Dimension. She might be ordinary, but she is very special in my eyes. I do not know if she has any magical powers. His Holiness has refused to divulge much. Being my mate makes her vulnerable. I have decided that, once I find her, I'd bring her over to His Holiness's protective land. Only after she has attained appropriate training, will I introduce her to my world, as the future queen. I am no longer in the palace as I am searching for her. If she marries another man, I'm doomed. I would surely become weak if my mate married another being- human or not. I really hope that she falls in love with me. I hope that she accepts my love. After all, a dragon is always incomplete without its mate. I am the prince of the Dragon Realm. The dragons are one of the most magical and ancient beings on this planet. The truest and the most powerful amongst us, have the power to access all the realms. I am blessed as I have inherited secret powers from my father, as well as my mother. Furthermore, training with His Holiness has given me the ability to control all the elements on this planet. Earth, water, fire, air and space are under my command. This is expected of me as the future king. Control over light, darkness and spirit have made me invincible. Of course, this secret is only known to my teacher apart from me. Even my father is unaware of how powerful I am today. I do not live under the delusion that I alone am the most powerful person. If the intelligence I have received is true, then, the vampire prince has also gained substantial powers. We are not enemies, but we are no longer friends either. I am no longer close to people now. Those around me today either envy me or flatter me. Many of them think that I am unaware of the conspiracies they hatch. Time has taught me a lot and underestimating my opponents is a mistake I'd never commit. My mate is the only one I would ever bare my heart to. As my search for my mate has begun, I, Vern King, the future king of the Dragon Realm, wonder if I can feel those soft hands again.

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